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Top Five Small Time Business Ventures

Aug 3, 2008
Almost all big businesses present in this world have started from scratch and big businesses are not created over night. It has to start from little eventually will grow with the correct nurturing and care. Empire creation would take time as well as patience. You'd have to endure failures, mistakes and learn from them eventually.

Personally, I find small time business venture quite fun. Here are my top five regarding that matter:

1. Jewelry making

My sister and I have tried jewelry making just for fun. Up until now, we always make one or two unique jewelries during our leisure. It is something that we love doing. But because of this leisure, we've earned a couple of bucks already from recommendations of our friends.

2. Give away making

During my sister's wedding and my own, I have been the one who made the give away. A simple design but attractive ones would really be able to attract the right eye and would ask who made it. Once the word spread you will have to be ready that customers will gather around you.

3. Business card creation

In this venture you price by the dozen and you need the power of friendship to spread the word around. This is just a simple business that would require your creativity.

4. Invitation and cards

Personalized invitations for wedding, debut and other parties are one good way to start maybe even publishing business.

5. Computer job services.

Such service would include typing job, proofreading and printing documents. Lots of people especially in my town don't have computers of their own that is why they go to establishments offering such service.

Whatever business venture you pursue, you'd have to remember several things and bear them in mind no matter what stage you are already in. The first thing to remember is "dream big.' This however would entail you to dream achievable things. Don't go beyond the borders of dreaming those that are almost impossible to reach. Aim for those that you really can achieve with hard work because dreaming what you can't have is the first step to make in failure.

You also have to remember to be "simple and yet creative.' Once you have mastered this arena, people will come appreciate your work which could be the start and first step to a bright business venture.

"Engage in something that you love doing.' If you have greater interest and love in what you are doing, then there will be greater chances of success. It is because if you engage with something that you love, you are happy dealing with it day by day without getting bored.

"Business ventures for all.' You have to keep in mind that business ventures can be done by everyone no mater how small it is. After all, it does not matter if you earn big or small. It does matter however to make it regular and constant even if how small your net income is.
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