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Target Your Customers By Highlighting Your Unique Selling Points

Aug 3, 2008
Every business needs to ensure that their enterprise has an Unique Selling Proposition or Unique Selling Point also known as USP. This marketing concept is essential for the structural and functional growth of any organization, as it marks out the unique qualities of the business and encapsulates how it is different from its competitors. If you are not sure how or why your business is a notch above your competitors then how will you ever convince anyone else that you are? You must establish the important factors that allow you to understand and then sell your companies USP and strategies. Equally important is that your employees know what your companies unique selling points are, especially since it is likely to be the employees that are dealing directly with existing or prospective customers.

The foundation of any business is to know how to target your customers, learning how to deliver top notch results that set you apart from your competitors, being in control of the accountability of your business, understanding what advantages you provide to your customers over competitors, and how your product and quality service are more or less attractive than competitors. You need to be sure that you know what the benefits you provide to your customers and why they are loyal to your business over the competition. Having this knowledge is crucial for you to organize and strategize your business to counter any measures by your competitors in an effective manner.

There is no greater business tip than the saying It pays to keep an eye on the competition. Knowing what your competitors are doing that distinguishes them from you, especially what they are doing successfully, lets you know what customers are responding to. The competition may be doing better than you with more effective strategies and USP that set them apart. When you know what and how the competition are succeeding then you are better positioned to implement strategies and counter measures that will redress any imbalance between their business and yours. Branding and positioning of your business not only depends on how effective you are, but how effective your strategies are as compared to your competitors. Developing clarity about what your business goals and sales strategies are is a way to succeed over the competition.

One of the major selling points that businesses in all fields need to consider is how to have great customer service. Your employees are the front line of your business, they are ambassadors that represent your business and their assistance determines how good, efficient and professional your business and product is perceived to be. The customer service and expertise of your staff are a USP within themselves. It is a requirement that you distinguish yourself from you competitors in business, and when there is strong branding, company wide clarity, well conducted sales approaches, effective marketing, exceptional customer service standards and directed operational strategies then the sky truly is the limit for your organization.

Putting strong emphasis on customer service as a unique selling point will ensure that your business stands apart from the competition. High quality products are wasted if you have a sullen sales assistant hurrying the customer out of the shop! Developing strategies to highlight your business USPs and communicate them to your potential and existing customers may include writing sales letters, doing some direct mailing, exploring different formats of media advertising, as well as sending brochures, conducting emarketing, and implementing strong customer service strategies for repeat business. Focusing on and highlighting your USP establishes your product quality and services and sets them apart from your competitors; allowing you to multiply your sales efficiently and thereby bring in more revenue.
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