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Is Network Marketing A Religion?

Aug 3, 2008
I had often heard network marketing being described as a cult. But after spending some time in the mlm industry, I can see why. Here is a little story.

My very first prospect in mlm was my friend Kurt. Kurt was a hotel worker who hated his job and wanted a way out. So, I invited him to an open meeting to see the plan.

During the meeting Kurt became excited and was interested in joining my downline. He was even thinking of others who he thought would also be interested. He was sold to the idea of network marketing and wanted to know where to sign up. Unfortunately, this is where things went wrong.

After the meeting, Kurt was approached by another network marketer who began proclaiming that our mlm business was sent to us by god. He went further by saying that it is our godly duty to go out there and share the mlm opportunity with others. I could sense that this was a bad move.

My friend started to show signs of doubt. He had loss some of his enthusiasm and was second guessing himself. I had to quickly find a way to reassure him, so, I decided to take him to my upline (Dave) the following night.

Dave was glad to meet Kurt. He immediately took him to a separate room to do the follow-up while I waited outside. About 15 minutes later, both men returned.

Kurt looked totally freaked out. His eyes were red and he was sweating. He wanted to leave immediately. I asked for an explanation and he responded by saying that this thing is a cult and I should get out of it before it is too late.

My friend never spoke to me again until a few months had passed. It was here that he told me what had happened. My upline was using scriptures from the bible to convince Kurt that god really did provide us with network marketing. This was a learning experience for me.

Now do not get me wrong. I do believe in god. But I think it is wrong to use god to make prospects join your mlm business. Telling others that mlm is sent by god and we have a heavenly duty as network marketers is more superstition than salvation.

You guessed right if you concluded that the relationship between my upline and me has weakened. I no longer trusted him to do follow-ups with my leads. I simply do not believe in scaring people into network marketing and expect mlm success.

I later learned that mlm success comes from being professional. The key is learning how to have prospects coming to you rather than cold calling or going through the telephone directory.

Think about it. What would you think if a stranger called your home and says he has a god given method of making money? Would you think it is a cult or scam?

The truth is network marketing is not a religion. Avoid those who will make it seem this way. Remember the key to mlm success is to find new strategies that are effective.
About the Author
Crystian Coldeira is a professional network marketer who specializes in teaching others how to be successful with network marketing. To get in touch with Crystian or learn more about network marketing success e-mail him at (kendell_83@yahoo) or visit

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