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Customer Loyalty Equals A Profitable Business

Aug 3, 2008
There is an old paradigm that one lost customer means a lifetime of lost business. The bottom line is that, while it is important for any business to make new customers, keeping existing customers is acknowledged as a much easier process. As a marketer and business operator, it is therefore important to recognize that services provided to a new customer have the power to transform a one time sale into a lifelong relationship. The fundamental rule is that customer satisfaction is the key to having a lifelong, loyal customer.

One way to increase customer loyalty and generate return patronage is by providing the customer with privileges, priorities and perks; by these means it becomes easier to direct the attention and gain loyalty from targeted clients. An important factor is maintaining the good faith of the customer; no matter what else you do, if you make a promise to the customer then you must live up to it. Not following through on things is seen by the customer as a sign of poor service and this will reduce the number of customers who will continue to use your services.

A key to getting the mix right with customers is treating them all equally whether new or repeat customers. Treating customers well is the surest way to turn the new customer into a long term and loyal regular. For this reason you should aim to make each and every customer that walks into your store or deals with your business feel like they could be a long term and valued customer. If you are able to exceed the expectations of your customers in whatever product or service you deliver, then you are sure to gain their positive attention, and in turn create the beginnings of a lifetime business relationship. By doing that little bit extra and going beyond the usual calls and norms you will be well placed to distinguish your organization from the rest of the competition. By striving to always excel in your field, then you will come to be acknowledged as the best and be able to provide better assistance and offer genuine value for your customers.

By keeping a balance between the needs of the customers and your profits, you can develop a higher level of rapport and respect with your customers; generating the necessary goodwill that will see you forge a lifelong customer relationship. A further way to do this is to have the means to ask your customers for their valuable feedback and their views, for example if you are launching a new product or service. Customer feedback can prove to be extremely valuable and serves as a useful tool when you need to understand how to increase the sales of your products.

Remember that communicating with customers aids in generating stronger relationships, it keeps customers updated about the latest happenings in your store or business, and makes them return to your business, perhaps sooner than they expected. A popular means for this is to send brochures, discount vouchers, coupons, information leaflets and other details when launching new products. By keeping customers in the loop you have a great way to drive increased and repeat sales.

At the heart of any business is the need for effective staff, those key players who will win the hearts and loyalty of the customers. Offering the best interaction and the most helpful staff will keep your business in the forefront of the customers mind, bringing them back because they recognize the good customer service they have received. It is therefore worthwhile to find the means to take care of your staff as well. Retaining effective staff will not only entice customers, it will also help you to maintain an adaptable and supportive business environment that functions effectively.

There are numerous ways as a business owner that you can attract and develop relationships, keeping customers returning time and again. The number one thing is to develop a focus across your business that ensures that customers are taken care of, their opinions heard and queries answered; and any suggestions or complaints are dealt with quickly and taken seriously. By keeping these points in mind and ensuring that you have staff do so too, you will undoubtedly be on track to retain and develop customer relationships that will see long term benefits for your business.
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