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Ranking Your Store High In Search Engines- Explained!

Aug 3, 2008
One of the options a wholesale video games seller should know and even understand to great degrees is how to rank high on the search engines today. Since wholesale distributors are rarely seen or will ever be seen on the search queries of the likes of Google, Yahoo and MSN because of their continuous business - anyone as a middleman has the advantage to sell.

Reason being sources with continuous flows of business do not need to invest time for ranking high on the search engines. So much distributors, suppliers and wholesalers keep a low visible profile on the Internet and their customers do their business. Here is when you can come in if you offer wholesale or retail in your own shop locally and want to be live on the net.

The majority of the Internet stores have major problems when it comes to ranking high on the search engines. The primary problems being the software scripts used for structuring their different products in their website. This main issue of never having any kind of visibility when many of us started was with the use of frames.

When it comes to your wholesale video games business and getting your wholesale distributors acquired merchandise, whether on a net 30 contract, drop-shipping, buying in bulk or basically just re-selling - the modification of frames is empirical. Frames being as numerous amounts of coding that are virtually outdated when it comes modern search engine optimization marketing and unnecessary amount of coding in the particular software script you chosen to market your company, your brand.

These technical issues are vastly hated for a marketer but it is one needed to be understood by you as you are the potential owner of a virtual mall or, already have one online store stock in position number two million of the search results in Google, Yahoo and MSN. Since the major targets usually are the top three search engines mentioned earlier, let us dive in on where the problem hides.

The traditional Internet store has three kinds of evil frames, evil being personal opinion. Know about the fattest and most deadly frame in your title. When it comes to search engine reading your store, the chance is there is not going to be much to read other then link names and a title here and there. Having a big long rectangle covering your website title! Search engine in most events only see the amount of codes that divides the title all around with the codes.

They are going to see codes and penalize you for it. The next popular one that affected many of us when we started was the navigational frame. Navigational being as in, the categories in which basic scripts add the links that re-direct your customers to extensions of other products around all the pages with products of your store. Then the third most basic problem in which the store usually dies and does not gather any kind of ranking whatsoever is because of the frame in the main content window!

All three have a major definition when it comes to search engine spiders crawling your website, delays of seeing your importance. Among the solution are HTML basic structured designs that you need to not only know but understand to rank highly on the search queries consistently, the combination of smart use in meta tags and numerous other important factors that bring strength to pull your authority presence on search rankings. Whether you are among the wholesale distributors or retailers offering wholesale video games or general electronics, get to find more about the solutions.
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