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Overseas shipping or Overland Transport

Aug 3, 2008
In North America, there are options for the transport of manufactured goods and agricultural products that are not available in other regions of the world. Because of the size of the continent and the uninterrupted portions that are connected by highways, many choose to use overland shipping for transport. There is also, however, a number of seaports along both coasts and in the Gulf of Mexico that can be the departure or arrival points for cargoes going to other parts of the continent or by overseas shipping to Europe or Asia.

The choice is normally made based on price and convenience. Overland transport is actually more expensive today because of the price of gasoline but it is convenient for companies that are located in the interior regions of Canada, the United States and Mexico. Overseas shipping is a better option for the port cities like Los Angeles and New York.

Another determining factor in the decision is the destination city. Obviously, cargoes going to Europe or Asia require overseas shipping. Ground transport is not an option. On the other hand, any items that are being transported to Central or even South America can be driven down or sent by train. The trip would be long and tedious but it is possible if you don't want your cargo going by boat. There is also the option of air freight if the cargo is small enough and you can justify the cost.

Most of the shipments that go from the East Coast of the United States to the West Coast are sent by overland transport. Interstate highways are packed with eighteen wheeled trucks that transport the manufactured products of fifty states to destinations in-country and port cities that will be exporting them via overseas shipping. Often, factories are located in the Midwestern portions of the country where labor expenses and the cost of living are lower. The items made there have to be sent by truck to reach the docks where overseas shipping companies can export them to other nations.

With the opening of world markets and the explosion of e-commerce, many of the products that are purchased at retail locations in the United States are manufactured in Asia, Europe, or small island nations where labor costs pennies compared to what is paid in the U.S. These items arrive in the United States via overseas shipping companies and are then transported overland to distribution points where they can be sent to retailers.

Overseas shipping and overland transport are both reliable methods for delivering products to the retail marketplace. They each have positives and negatives that can be considered when you have a choice between the two. Time, price, and convenience are the most important of those. Often, companies find themselves in a position where they need to use both methods to get their shipments to the location they need it to be at. That's why successful overseas shipping companies can also offer you overland transport when your shipment arrives. Keep that in mind when you are looking for an overseas shipping company to assist you.
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