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Overseas shipping in the Pacific Ocean

Aug 3, 2008
The development of overseas shipping has been a struggle between nations for supremacy in a world trade market that favors the countries which can manufacture the most, charge the least, and get it there the fastest. Overseas shipping in the Pacific Ocean is dominated by one country: Japan. The Japanese, since the end of World War II, have built a trade empire that has conquered the rest of world like no military power ever could.

There are a number of reasons why the tiny island nation of Japan has risen to world dominance in the overseas shipping industry. One is the political stance of the government after their surrender to the United States at the end of the war. Japan was not allowed to have a standing army and therefore had to concentrate all of its efforts on developing commerce with the mighty navy that it had built in the years leading up to 1941. This sole purpose without a military agenda made it possible for them to jump ahead of other nations in the Far East that were trying to establish trade at that time.

Related to this political stance were the actions of other nations that did go to war while Japan remained at peace. Closely following World War II, the aggressions of the Soviet Union and the Korean and Vietnam conflicts broke out in the region and slowed down the economic development of Japan's neighbors. Military forces from the United States and other participating nations in these conflicts brought in new technology that Japan was the benefactor of. This led to technological superiority and control of overseas shipping in the Pacific.

Another factor in the rise of Japan as an overseas shipping power in the Pacific is the tremendous work ethic of the Japanese people. As a nation, they stood up after being beaten in World War II and worked together to make their country an economic success. Their tenacity and dedication helped them to develop and market new technology and electronics that enabled the rest of the world to come into the computer age.

The final reason for the success of Japan in overseas shipping is one as old as the industry itself: Geographical positioning. Japan is an island with multiple harbors and inlets that make perfect harbors and ports for overseas shipping vessels. Tokyo is located on the eastern shore of the island and is positioned directly on the Japan Current which flows across the Pacific Ocean to the West Coast of the United States. You could place a bottle in the water off the harbor of Tokyo Bay and it would eventually float into San Francisco. Currents were the determining factors in establishing shipping routes back when all vessels were powered by sails and those shipping routes are still being used today.

Overseas shipping in any ocean is generally controlled by the nation with the best and most affordable products on the market and the ability to deliver them to the consumers who want to purchase them. Japan has become the leader in the Pacific Ocean due to a policy of commerce only, a tremendous work ethic and an advantageous geographical position.
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