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The Benefits of Outsourcing to a Freelancer - Logos and Banners

Aug 3, 2008
Sometimes a design business will take on more clients then they have time for. Work loads can go up and down and sometimes they will need to outsource this work a freelancer. Outsourcing is where the design company hires a freelancer or company to work on a particular project for them. The work is presented as 'by the design company' and all rights belong to them.

Outsourcing can be a great way to alleviate work loads and increase company clients. Many design companies work exclusively as banner or logo designers and advertising their services through their website can mean a fluctuation in the amount of work they receive each week. No design company wants to turn clients away when the work is coming in so outsourcing to a freelancer can be a great way to keep the clients happy, and save a bit of money.

Rather then turn a client away and receive no money for the project, it is more beneficial to accept the project and hire a well known or trusted freelancer in a competitive environment, pay a competitive rate for the freelancer and get the full amount for the project.

This is also beneficial to smaller companies who do not have the resources to increase their salaried staff or where the work load does not yet warrant a full time staff member economically. It therefore makes it more cost effective to pay a low rate for a freelancer to do one off jobs when required as opposed to a staff member working by the hour.

Logos and banners are usually a stepping stone project for relatively new freelancers. On bidding sites, freelancers use these projects to build up their portfolio so they can move onto other, bigger things. This means a company that specializes in logos and banners have a larger market available, with competitive freelancers that are either a specialist in the area or new to freelancing.

New does not have to mean less, new means a talented freelancer that has only just started out, or someone with company background that has switched recently to being freelance. This does not mean that there aren't poor freelancers out there. Bidding sites are usually highly beneficial to a company searching for a fresh freelancer to add to their arsenal. They encourage lower rates, and the company can inquire into everyone who bids. Most freelancers will have a portfolio or if not will be able to show concept work for the logos to show the style and direction they will develop. This enables companies to judge each freelancer individually and it doesn't mean they have to settle for sub-standard work. Each bid will have different merits, such as past experience, examples of work, concept designs, feedback from other projects and of course a low rate.

Freelancing work like logos and banners not only saves money, time and drama but also leaves the company free to spend time on the larger, more important projects that potentially bring in more money.
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