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3 Super Powered Ways to Drive Traffic to Any Website in Any Niche

Aug 4, 2008
Most burgeoning online marketers are expecting to learn shortcuts and secrets to a profitable online business.

There's no doubt that there are overnight successes in this business but they are not the norm. Most of us have worked long and hard to build our businesses. That common denominator is apparent in the vast majority of successful internet marketers.

Targeted traffic makes an online business and today I'm going to tell you the three most effective strategies that I am using today to keep the targeted visitors flowing.

1. Blogging - By blogging I simply mean maintaining an online blog with targeted content centred on my business. This includes frequent updates containing keyword rich phrases. When you are writing a blog on topic the relevant keyword phrases usually flow into the copy anyhow. So, no need to try too hard to make sure to include loads of search engine bait in your blog posts.

2. Social Bookmarking - There are now numerous social bookmarking sites online today. The most popular ones being, Digg, Technorati and Delicious. From my perspective the main aim of using these social sites it to get high quality back links to my site. If you've been in this business for long you will know that getting keyword phrase laden backlinks to your web pages is one of the most important factors in gaining top search engine positions. Using social networks is a free, easy and effective way to do this.

So when you post a blog make sure to submit the blog post link to as many social bookmark sites as possible. This will require you to set-up free accounts at all the major social networking sites.

3.Article submissions - This strategy is used for much the same reasons as Social Bookmarking. That is, to build backlinks to your site. Backlinks are gained by adding a link or two from your article resource box to your site. As with social bookmarking you can also benefit from direct links from your articles. Obviously the amount of clickthroughs you attain depends on the quality of your article and the interest you instil in your reader.

These three methods of online marketing are basic ways to build and maintain any online business. The costs are low and the results are guaranteed. Once you get the traffic coming then you can plug in any number of affiliate marketing products, or your own. Plugging in income streams is the topic of another article however.

The most powerful aspect of the above strategies is that they can be applied to any niche market for spectacular short and long term results.
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