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Utah Number Two In The Nation For Self-Employment Growth

Aug 4, 2008
Utah saw an increase of 7.2 two percent in the number of self-employed business people one year. That's second only to Georgia's 7.6 percent increase.

Many Utah economists attribute the growth to the local religious groups who emphasize self reliance. Utah is the state with the largest membership for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Also within the state are large populations of all major religious denominations.

Utah leads the nation in college graduates. There are major universities throughout the state, including: Brigham Young University, University of Utah, Utah Valley University, Utah State University, and Weber State. Many of these schools have nationally recognized business programs.

While the rest of the country has seen declining employment numbers, the outlook for employment in Utah is still a good one.

In a recent report, the Utah Department of Workforce Services says Utah experienced continued strong job growth and low unemployment rates throughout 2007.

The state's unemployment rate experienced a slight dip, as well, dropping from 2.9 percent in August 2006 to 2.6 percent in 2007. The figure means that some 35,000 Utahns were unemployed in August of last year. The United States unemployment rate was recently at 4.6 percent.

A big push in self employment has come from stay-at-home moms who are either creating their own line of products or who are starting online businesses. Most moms use their experience raising children and applying that to the retail world.

Trade fields such as home construction, plumbing, cabinetry, landscape continue to see growth as well. With Utah's population continued growth above the national average, the demand for homes, and the related construction and maintenance needs, these types of business fields are expecting growth for a few more years to come.

Utah's new business registrations are also very simple to do. The states website has gained nationwide exposure for being one the top, user-friendly government sites active right now. The entire business sign up process can be done online. Most business registration fees range from $20 to $40. Depending on the city the business is located in, the fees could differ even more.

Analysts will be watching Utah closely for the next few years to see if the growth continues. Many major corporations are taking closer looks adding offices within the state. Governor John Huntsman Jr., a recognized business leader, expects Utah to become a major player with in the American business community very soon.
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