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The Keys To Finding The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

Aug 4, 2008
During the past few decades, baby showers have increased in popularity as families become bigger and as each child receives more individual attention from parents. A baby shower is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate a new addition to the family. Traditionally, a baby shower is held only for the mother-to-be, and only women attend. In recent times, men are also starting to participate in a couples baby showers.

It is difficult to decide what to give a newborn as a gift as people do not know what to give a baby. If you wait until birth, the parents most likely would have bought what you have in mind as a baby shower gift. A good gift for a baby shower item is the humble picture frame. Either if it is a boy or girl, baby picture frames would make a perfect give that would be used for a long time. Parents of newborn usually take pictures for every moment of their childs life. Baby picture frames enhance and preserve the perfect moment in a babys new life.

Even a better idea is a personalized baby picture frame with the babys name on it. You can also add the date and time the baby was born. However, personalized baby picture frames are usually given after the baby is born because the name, date and time may not clear yet.

Another alternative is a childrens book. There are disadvantages with this alternative. Obviously, a newborn baby can not read the book by himself but parents can start making special memories to their kids when reading these books. It is best to buy a hardbound to as this is more durable. When the baby becomes a toddler he can hold the book and giving him an early introduction to fondness of reading. Giving the parents a start in creating a collection of childrens literature is a great idea and tradition.

A popular baby shower gift is diapers because parents will need them a lot for a newborn. However, since diapers are not very environmentally friendly and fill our landfills, a good idea would be a cloth diaper service. Cloth diapers are competitively priced to disposable diapers and also will not detrimental to the environment. Many diaper services offer gift certificates or have programs where you can pay for a portion of the service. Of course, you have to be sure that the new parents be acceptable to this idea and that they will really use this gift. If you know the parents well, and if they seem like they might want to give cloth diapers a try, then it seems to be a good thing to point them in the right direction.

Another great gift alternative is to send the parents away for some time by themselves by offering to babysit once the baby is born during a weekend vacation. Another idea is to buy a gift certificate for an expectant mother such as a post-delivery massage. Think about having friends and family chip in for an overnight getaway for the parents after the baby is born. They will appreciate your generosity as this will greatly be utilized for relaxing and sleeping.

It is best to look online as it is a cost effective tool and it offers the most extensive inventory of baby shower gift ideas.
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