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Blog Multiplication Equals Higher Earnings

Aug 17, 2007
I just want to ask you one quick question. Are your blogs profitable? I told you it would be quick. It's real simple to answer. Either your blogs are earning for you, or their not. I will tell you something here and I will be blunt. If your blogs are earning you some type of income then you need to listen up. If your blogs are not earning you some sort of income then you DEFINETLY need to listen up. Pay attention close to what I say and maybe the next time someone asks you that question instead of saying yes or no you can say "HECK YES THEY ARE"!

Now I again will be blunt. Some people consider this totally unethical and blackhat. I leave that for you to decide. A vast majority of the people that will tell you this is "blackhat", are not earning "peanuts" from their blogging efforts. The people who have the "Victory or Death" approach are reaping profits only some can imagine to make on the Internet.

So what exactly am I talking about you ask? I'm talking about multiplying your blogging efforts and exploding your Adsense and Affiliate income. Now before I tell you on how to do that, I want to ask you some more questions. First, are your Adsense earnings substantial? Is your Affiliate income coming in at a level that is suitable for you to be satisfied with? Do you keep finding it harder and harder each day to rank for the keywords you are shooting for? Are you having just a tough enough time to get your site or blog indexed? Well, if you answered NO or you replied with a slow YES then keep reading because I'm going to tell you how I get all of my sites and blogs indexed within 3 days. Yes, I get them indexed in 3 days, although I have waited a week before, it's still not long enough for me to get agitated about.

Now, there are a lot of people that will tell you that Blogging and Pinging is dead. I am here to tell you that either they are not doing it right, or they did not have it work for them so they have jumped to the assumption that it does not work. IT DOES WORK! I know it does and so do thousands of other people on the NET. The trick is to not just create 1 blog but to create hundreds of blogs. Yes I said "hundreds" of blogs. Now you might be thinking that creating that many blogs is just insane and too time consuming. Well, you are exactly right about the "time" part. But you are dead wrong about creating that many blogs to be "insane".

For every site or blog I create, I will go and create 50 blogs with links back to my "main" site. I then post to these blogs, ping them and let the search engines coming running through the links back to my "main" sites. I do this all with FREE Blogger Blogs. Yes Blogger is still alive and still serves a purpose. In case you did not know, Blogger is owned by Google and is a sub domain with a Pagerank 10. Imagine links to your main "moneymakers" on a sub domain Pagerank 10 blog being pinged incrementally with whatever times you set. Now just imagine you had 50, 100, or even thousands of blogs with your links to your sites being pinged to tell those feisty Search Engines to "Come have a look".

If you think about it for a minute, it's by far the fastest way to get a site or blog indexed. Now, that we have covered your site being indexed let's go over backlinks. Backlinks play a HUGE factor in determining your site's ranking in the Search Engines. Well, just like we made blogs to get our sites indexed, we can just make more blogs with proper anchor text links back to our main sites. It's that simple people. There is no fluff here.

Using Blogger to get your sites indexed and ranked is practically a No-Brainer. Now we can multiply and expand this issue by using software. Now like I said before, some will deem this unethical and Blackhat. I will leave that for you to decide. You can either keep busting your tail focusing on your Optimization, link swapping, and promoting or you can "jump on the train" and do what so many of us are doing to earn the kind of earnings we are bringing in. There's a simple decision to be made here. Do you want to spend all that time on your site to get indexed and ranking well, only to find that the next algorithm knocks it back down to dirt level. Or do you want the simple, swift, and sweet victory of less work, and MORE earnings faster than you thought possible? I leave this for you to decide.
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