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Most Common Mistakes When Marketing A Site

Aug 4, 2008
As a website owner, your number one concern is how to generate as much traffic as you can to your site. There are several traffic generation techniques that work, but there are also several that do not. With the Internet as advanced as it has become, there is no room for implementing ineffective techniques and tactics that will lose you time and money. Although some have gotten lucky, the tactics noted below are those not even the experts try and implement.

Targeted traffic campaigns are basically sites that do nothing but anger people. Their spam, pop-ups, and domain squatting are sleazy marketing techniques reputable sites do not employ. Domain squatting is something that you have probably come across, most likely when accidentally typing in the incorrect address of a popular site. These sites setup misspelled domains and then cover them in advertisements making them landing sites, in effect. This is a traffic technique to avoid because it will only lower your credibility and anger people who visit your site.

The worst part about owning and creating sites like these comes from your traffic. Visitors who are particularly unhappy may also, in addition to never visiting your site again, report you to your host. This could lead to problems with your hosting service that you do not want to make part of your standard operating procedure. Such campaigns are usually bogus and end up a waste of money.

The second traffic generation tactic you want to avoid is the purchasing of classified ads. Very rarely will you be able to write a classified ad that will actually result in new traffic to your site. Such ads are also not targeted at all. In addition, their small size and location amongst so many others like them make them not stand out at all. Simply put, the chances of someone finding the ad are very slim, and even slimmer is the chance that they will be interested in your specific topic. Slimmer than that is the chance they will actually log on and search for your site. Combined with low conversion rates, all of these factors make the purchasing of classified ads a very ineffective tactic and result in wasted time.

The final and most destructive mistake made by want-to-be web titans when launching a site is sacrificing professionalism and being lazy. In this day in age, the internet has advanced so that, unless you are operating on a scale of the hundreds of thousands, implementing mediocre and shortcut tactics is not an effective way of reaching internet success.

With search engine gods like Google only granting riches to those sites who prove themselves, as well as many other money-making agencies, it does not pay nearly as much to invest time into creating sites that do not make the grade when being evaluated by such organizations. With all of the powerful moneymaking programs out there that reward good, solid websites, it does not make sense to spend your time working on anything else.
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