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How To Generate Traffic With A Press Release

Aug 4, 2008
If you are a website owner, your main concern is how to bring traffic to your website. Traffic is the lifeblood of your site and drives your sales and advertising revenue skyward. Any marketing expert will tell you that a press release is a must for the launch of your website. A well-written press release during the launch of your website will compel thousands of viewers and generate waves to traffic to your site, almost all at once. Now that you have determined the need for a press release, now you need to learn how to write one and where to find a professional service.

There are numerous press release services you can find on the Internet, but PR Web is among the most popular and best. For their slightly pricey $500 service they can offer you several options to get you a lot of attention. Their service sends your release out to various newspapers, publishers, radio stations, webmasters, and numerous other press release services- all generating valuable traffic to your website.

If you would rather not spend the money, there are free submission services as well. There are also other, more affordable, plans that will generate you hundreds of view in traffic as well. Although seemingly steep, the $500 price tag PR Web offers can get you tens of thousand of hits on your site- pretty good traffic generation for simply cutting a small check.

One thing to keep in mind is that writing a press release is an art. The key is to make sure it sells your site without getting too pushy or hokey. Another important part of doing a press release to generate traffic is following the submission guidelines that the service you select requires. For example, some services require a character-per-line format, etc. You also have the option of including elements such as a telephone number, address, or byline too.

The most important part of a press release is how the actual release is written. Press releases are not exactly articles, but do have similar elements. When writing a press release, you want it to be compelling, informative, and exciting. In the body, you need to have a newspaper-like approach. That is, start with the most important and exciting details, increasing specificity as the work progresses. You want it to sell, but it is very important not to sound salesy- no reporter wants to read a commercial. Informative and exciting are your keys to generating the most traffic.

Crafting an effective press release will serve to bring a powerful surge of traffic to your site and will result in more revenue from both sales and advertising. In this modern world of countless websites, web owners are looking for more and more ways to generate bountiful and moneymaking traffic to their site. In addition to all of the time-tested ways that have been staples of Internet marketing, writing a press release for the launch of your site has become one of the more popular ways to jump-start websites into the highest paying page ranks.
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