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How to Spot the Medical Transcription Training Scams

Aug 4, 2008
As medical transcription is one of the few legitimate work at home jobs out there, it always frustrates me when I hear that someone has been scammed trying to get into this field. There's nothing like working hard to find something legitimate and still losing out.

And so, it's a big help to know what the medical transcriptions training scams look like.

Yes, I would focus more on the training scams. If you aren't trained... well trained in medical transcription you aren't likely to find a job in this field in any case. A good training program may also help you to find a job, which makes avoiding employment scams easier.

The classic scam is free on the job training to be a medical transcriptionist. Sounds great, right?

Too bad medical transcription is more than just typing what you hear. It may sound as though it should be that simple but it really isn't. On the job training is not the best way to go.

Oh, and you can't forget that the scam includes requiring that you buy overpriced software and equipment from them. The equipment needed for medical transcription is pretty affordable these days, as much of it is done over the Internet and most people looking into it already own a computer.

But the scam gets worse. There's a promise that you will be paid once your work meets certain criteria. But that never happens. I mean never, ever happens. No matter how hard you try you will just never be good enough.

And just to make it all really miserable, whatever knowledge you do somehow manage to glean from your poor quality "on the job training" will not be good enough to get you a job with a legitimate company.

That's one classic scam transcriptionists-to-be should be aware of.

The other one is that many schools really just do an incredibly poor job of training you, such that no employer will ever hire you. This is why it is important to investigate the school you choose. Any school can sound good in their brochure, but if their graduates only rarely find work, what good are they?

Most of these schools will give you some of what you would need, and so are not precisely scams, but so long as their educational quality is too poor for you to find work after, they may as well be. The only good medical transcription education is the one that allows you to find consistent work. Without that you have wasted your money.
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Stephanie Foster spent 3 years as a medical transcriptionist and now runs http://www.medicaltranscriptionbasics.com/ for people interested in medical transcription. Get her recommendations for medical transcription training at her site.
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