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Tips To Get A Salary Increase

Aug 4, 2008
Freelancers are very much lucky for having majestic and powerful minds making them earn even they don't get out from the four corners of their rooms. But nowadays that transportation and other factors affecting your 8-5 job are rapidly hitting the higher rates, number of freelancers are also increasing. Competition in writing and other freelancing jobs is very tight. On the contrary, the working rates are rapidly degrading. So we are trying our best to negotiate about salary matters right? The following are some of the tips we can do to spill our problem out.

Be Persuasive

You may have a hard time telling your boss to raise your salary. It might affect your working relationship with him and that's given but makes him understand it will do well if you're going to increase your rate. Say for example; tell your boss you're not going to look for other side jobs since you have the best rate you are looking for. That will help you render a quality service.

Be Realistic

Do not ask for too much you know for sure that your boss can't give. It's just proper to work efficiently and be paid fairly, though.

Be at your perfect right tone

Avoid ultimatums, threats and coercive behavior towards your boss. Make him know you are asking for something but let him feel you are ready to understand his point as well. This will create a good relationship despite distance between the two of you.

Prioritize your Boss' Interests

Your boss also has needs and concerns just like you. To persuade him, address those things that are important to him. Always remember whatever attitude he has, he is still your boss and the one who feeds you. Many are those looking for a job and you are only one of the few who were chosen!

Create Options

Create possible solutions that your boss might consider. Plan your options beforehand so that everything will run smoothly as you negotiate. Make sure you have a backup plan in case he won't agree on the first option.

Focus on Objective Criteria

It is not hard to please someone if you are showing objective criteria. Nobody will reject a plan that is as good as luck itself.

Actually, these are some tips to help us before we finally negotiate with our bosses. Include the other one below if you are not a freelancer.

Talk in details and tell what you really want

If you are working on 8 to 5 job, you may create a not so obvious conversation with him regarding your bonuses and other benefits, and not your salary concerns alone. Make him learn you are well informed of your rights as an employer.

But make sure you are not annoying your boss because one you make him feel bad, it might affect your working relationship with him. This is especially if you are waiting for promotion or anything else.

The tips given were useful to regular employees and experienced freelancers, those who are working for outsourcing companies for a long period of time and may ask for a salary raise.

Please do not jump into salary negotiation if you are on probationary period of employment because you might lose your job because of that simple move.
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