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Is Afilliate Marketing Dead?

Aug 4, 2008
So many people start blogging thinking of making a living off of affiliate marketing. Bloggers know what being an affiliate is but does the average person?

Being an affiliate means that a website or blog is affiliated or connected to a major online retailer or many different retailers in most cases.
Meaning that if you were to click on an advertisement, or text-link that takes you to a particular guitar or music store and make a purchase, then the website makes a small commission. Look at the websites guitarplayerscenter or guitarflame, if you click any advertisement or text links in posts or on the navigation bar, most likely will go to a competent store and be able to purchase what you were looking for.

Simply put, in essence we write and maintain our sites for free and hope to build a confident, solid and safe relationship with you, so you purchase your products through our websites. The stores do not in any cases raise the prices or change their policies. You can bet that we, meaning bloggers, only refer you to qualified, reputable online stores. Remember, we are building confidence in you, trusting us is essential. It wound not be in any bloggers or websites best interest to steer you to a bum supplier. Point being, most of us use the affiliates or stores we represent, which gives us a bit of insight into how the store operates.

Advantage-yours. Spend less time looking for places you can trust and more time enjoying your experience with confidence.

Realistically speaking, only one who operates a blog can really understand how much effort and time goes into the writing side. But that is the fun side, we need to optimize our sites so you can find our site when you do a search, easier said than done. Unimaginable time and effort, not to mention a high level of programming knowledge is needed to be a qualified source. A Page Rank of 4(check your Google tool-bar)or higher suggests that a site is well established and trustworthy.

The goal is to provide knowledge in terms of what and why you should use the advertisements and links on your favorite sites. Keep the small guy going, buy from the affiliate links and adds provided. No matter what, the product comes right out of the store you chose and you deal directly with them from then on.

I urge you to take this article to heart and use the affiliates on the sites you are attracted to, it is good for the small websites you enjoy and strengthens our economy. Thanks for listening and do the right thing for all of your favorite websites! Enjoy
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