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Article Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Making Sure the Twain Will Meet

Aug 4, 2008
In Internet marketing there are proponents of many types of marketing systems. From article marketing, to viral-marketing, right through to guerrilla marketing, and pay-per-click advertising everyone has his or her own opinion. Two of those mentioned here, article marketing and pay-per-click advertising do have their advantages and disadvantages. They also can work advantageously for you when they work together.

The two main advantages of article marketing are that you have the opportunity through your article writing to get informative content out to potential customers. The second advantage is that you can target specific niche markets. Informative content can establish you as an expert in your field. At the very least, it can establish you as someone knowledgeable about a certain topic and earn you credibility. When you are credible, people trust you. When they trust you, they are likely to want more information from you, concerning what you have to offer them. That is when they click on your article link and end up on your website.

As far as targeting specific niche markets, you accomplish it via focused article distribution. What this means is you need to find a top-notch article distribution service that provides you with a huge list of publishers across all categories. When you sign up with this type of article marketing service you are on your way to reaching those niche audiences that are hungering for your content. Article writing that focuses on a niche group in its message, and then gets to that niche group is article marketing that will earn you good returns. Why is that?

It's because you made sure your article spoke directly to this group. Your way of speaking to them and providing them relevant information got through to them. You got the article to them in a timely fashion so they could act upon what you wrote. That acting upon what you wrote is those readers clicking from your article to your website. You cannot perform more specific targeted marketing activities than that.

If there is a con in article marketing, it is not aligning yourself with a quality article marketing service. Article marketing works. Statistics prove it. However, article marketing is only as good as the content written and the article marketing service that helps you deliver it to those niche groups. Use article marketing as part of your Internet marketing efforts. Use a quality article marketing service that provides widespread exposure for your articles. This will drive many clicks back to your website from those articles.

Two advantages of pay-per-click advertising are the fact that you can perform targeted marketing of niches. Secondly, you can increase the likelihood that you will only pay for quality clicks that have the potential to turn into sales. This all works because of bidding on keywords. With pay-per-click advertising, you only pay when a person actually clicks through on one of your advertisements to visit your site.

Take our first advantage here, about performing targeted marketing of niches. With keyword bidding, you bid on keyword phrases relevant to your target market. You agree to pay a fee for every time someone clicks on your ad because of the keyword search they performed. You choose keyword phrases that you feel your niche market will input when they perform a web search. This means they want the same thing you have to offer. You are basing your advertising on these keywords hoping these keywords will get these potential customers to the search engine-listing page where your ads are. You are targeting this niche with precision.

Now, here's where the second advantage comes in. Because they have some interest in your product, as evidenced by their keyword searches similar to your product category, there's a good chance they will click on your ad. There's no guarantee, but there's an increased likelihood. You need to come up with keyword phrases they are likely to use.

If your product is graphite golf clubs of great durability then you need to bid on keywords such as "durable graphite golf clubs". Do not bid on "golf" alone. You will get searchers who may be looking for "golf courses" and who already have a good set of clubs. They are not your target niche, "graphite golf club buyers" are your niche. Just keep in mind that one con of pay-per-click advertising is paying too high a fee for each click. Your fee will depend on the search engine and the level of competition for a particular keyword phrase or keyword list.

Now, you can put article marketing and pay-per-click advertising together. You write quality articles, sign up with an article distribution service, and get widespread distribution. This leads to tons of links out that lead back to locations where your advertisements are. At these cyber locations, you have banners for all those wonderful products you are selling. People may go from your article, via a link, to a website for more information.

Once there they will see your ads. Because your ads relate to your articles, you have an audience interested in those ads. They're pre-disposed to them because they are about products that interest them. They have read articles from you, relevant to these products. There is a good chance they will click on these ads and may even by your product. You are only paying for these quality clicks. Article marketing encourages quality clicks that can convert to sales.

Use article marketing and pay-per-click advertising in conjunction with one another if your budget allows. Perform quality article writing. Sign up with a reputable article marketing service. Let your articles encourage click backs to your ads. Choose and bid on keywords that will get visitors to search engine pages where your ads are. Let these ads get people to your website. Then you can complete the selling process and earn more Internet profits.
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