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Article Marketing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising Can Work Together

Aug 4, 2008
Marketing on the Internet allows you some options for promoting your business. Whether you are promoting your own company, or engaged in an affiliate marketing relationship, you have different avenues you can travel down to drive sales and increase profits. Two of these avenues are article marketing and pay-per-click advertising. Either one alone, or the two in combination with one another can help you in your overall marketing efforts.

Article marketing of your article writing efforts is a great way to establish links back to your website. It's also a great way to get quality content in front of your potential customers so you can build trust with them. Quality content coming from you establishes credibility for you, and your products and services. You need that in internet marketing.

There are too many hucksters out there trying to sell inferior products to people without any concern whatsoever for them. They do not offer informative content to readers searching the web. They do not build long-term relationships with potential customers. Consumers see right through that, evidenced by the number of Internet businesses that "go out of business" each year. That's why article marketing works because it "gives" something to potential buyers of your products.

Article distribution of what you write also works because you are able to target your article promotion campaign to select niche publishers of your choosing. If you choose a top-notch article distribution service, you have access to a broad spectrum of categories where you can precisely target your articles. This allows you to get an article you have written on a very specific topic to that niche publisher who needs that kind of content. This allows you to perform highly targeted article marketing.

You may write an article on accounting and accounting software programs, to encourage links back to your site where you sell accounting software. You can make sure that your article goes out to a publisher of finance and accounting topics. You will get your article in front of those who are interested in that topic if you use a high-quality article distribution service.

Pay-per-click advertising is an option you can employ. With pay-per-click, you only pay when a user clicks on an advertisement to visit your website. With pay-per-click advertising, you also get to target a specific clientele. You do this through bidding on keywords you believe a niche group will use when performing Internet searches.

When someone types a keyword query matching your keyword list, your ads may appear on the search engine results page. Once there, the person performing the search may click on your ad. That's when you pay the web host, for each click. You performed targeted marketing with keywords. You got a specific niche market to the site where your ads are because of certain keywords relevant to information they were seeking.

Article marketing alone is an excellent marketing tool. The con in article marketing is not aligning yourself with a quality distribution service. A poor distribution service is one that does not offer enough publishers to you. A poor article distribution service also does not provide you enough categories for submission of your content. All your article promotion efforts can go down the drain if you choose an inferior article distribution service.

The con in pay-per-click advertising is in paying too much for keyword phrases. The amount of fees you have to pay to the website host for all those clicks on your ads may eat up the amount of money you earn in profit. It's best when you can pay a reasonable fee per click and still have the right keyword phrases in play that will net you a good amount of traffic to your website.

Article marketing and pay-per-click advertising can work together. They work together properly when you write quality informative articles that get widespread exposure to your niche audience. This niche audience then clicks back to your website through the links from these articles. Once on your website these visitors may click on your pay-per-click ads.

There's good chance they will if your advertisements are concerning the same subject as your articles. Your articles have pre-sold your website visitors. They are more likely to click on product ads that relate to the article they have just read. In addition, you only pay for clicks that are from your niche, who are more likely to purchase. Therefore, you are not paying for a bunch of ad clicks from people who have only a curious passing interest in what you are selling.

That's how you can use article marketing and pay-per-click advertising together. Using them in conjunction with one another is a good internet-marketing tactic. You get quality content out there to build trust with your readers. You establish yourself as knowledgeable. You encourage click backs to your website where your pay-per-click ads await. Then, you only pay for clicks from those people who are already pre-disposed to your product. That's an efficient way to market in the new millennium.
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