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The Importance of Landing Pages in Directory and Article Submissions

Aug 4, 2008
Online marketing can be a very tricky process if things are not done as they should. If you are a webmaster, you need to come up with a plan in order to monetize your site. The methods for monetizing a website are not stand or either, a static HTML site may be built in order to capitalize the content with Adsense, others may be built in order to promote a product, a service or even get leads.

Before you start to promoting your site you need to make sure you know how is it that you're going to generate a revenue from it and the advertising strategy you're going to implement. Today we are going to take a look at directory submissions as well as article submissions in direct relation with Landing pages.

Directory and Article Submissions

Both article and web directory submissions are targeted towards link building, they are a small part of the search engine optimization strategy every webmaster needs to implement in order to increase the link popularity, page rank and ultimately traffic.

These two methods very similar however, there are key differences which separate them, directory submissions require several anchor texts as well as a combination of long and short descriptions which will be placed within the index of a directory, the submission process is not very tedious because the information which needs to be prepared is not very extensive, for instance: web directories only require a page title or anchor text, the site description, the information related to the person who is submitting the information and the correct verification of an anti-spam image, also referred to as "Captcha" -- once this information has been approved and listed by the site it then becomes a valid one way backlink.

Article submissions take more time and preparation when they are compared to directory submissions however, the link strength is equivalent among the two. In order to successfully syndicated an article it is necessary for the webmaster to prepare information such as an optimized title, an article summary (some sites may require to prepare a different summary which won't match the first paragraph of the article), the article body and finally but most importantly the resource box.

The resource box is the most important part due to the fact that it is a place where the anchor text can be varied in order to rank better for different keywords. The organic optimization of your site becomes a key factor when it comes to landing pages because visitors will always be interested in the anchor text which is used to link towards a landing page within a site. Let's now take a look at the direct correlation between article and directory submissions to landing pages.

What are Landing pages?

In a nutshell, a landing page is a page within a site which is being designed especially to promote a product or service, in some cases it may be designed to gather information from the visitor (lead generation) -- the most common mistake that webmasters make when promoting their Landing pages with article marketing or directory submissions is that they link the resource box to just another article page which is extremely inefficient because the reader is coming already from an article page.

In order to increase the chances of a conversion and realized a positive ROI an advertiser needs to create a landing page which is both relevant to the topic and has easy-to-follow instructions for the visitor. Those who are not promoting a service or gathering a lead may link directly to an article page "if and only if" the information which has been linked at is a direct continuation or a different chapter to the information already been provided, this is only effective if you are promoting a revenue program which is based on a pay per click system such as Adsense.

Targeting Conversions

Finally, the last step in this marketing strategy should be geared towards conversions. In order to track your visitor's behavior once they arrive to your site you will need to use a tracking tool such as Google analytics which is able to provide referrer information that will show you where the visitor came from, the time spent in the page, and click pattern and ultimately the conversion. If you have researched the keywords which work best with your landing page then your conversions should be high enough to sustain any marketing strategy you may use. A quick tip: you might want to have the information that a PPC system offers before you start your directory or article submissions, this will ensure that your keywords will convert into actual sales instead of just bringing raw traffic.

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If your looking for a reliable and affordable link building service check out Nationsubmit Affordable Manual Directory Submissions or try their Manual Article Submission Service today.
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