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Computer Security - Best Ways To Secure Your Computer

Aug 4, 2008
With the incredible changes in new technologies over the past decade, which have changed the way we live dramatically, it is hard to believe that the personal computer has only been around for the last thirty years.

The Technology of today enables us to communicate with each other across the world and computers offer a means to connect to a plethora of multimedia resources. We have the whole world at our fingertips as global internet access supplies us with more information and resources than we could ever have imagined possible.

Although this is such an exciting time for computer users, and the internet has never been more popular, we also have to keep in mind the question of how to keep our data safe from hackers and guard our computer security, especially where privacy is concerned.

There exists an underlying culture of internet users whose number one priority in life is to hack into computer systems, whether corporate, business or private home users, with the goal of destroying or stealing data.

The theft of personal information from one's computer to use for financial gain is a common aim of the professional hacker. However, there are some hackers who simply want to destroy data from others' computers for the fun of it, or who want to take control of a computer for the purposes of spamming, hacking or spreading viruses - usually without the owner's knowledge.

What can we do then to protect ourselves from all these problems? The best protection against phishing, spam, viruses, trojans and spyware attacks are to have two software applications installed that are especially designed to fight off these intruders. One is a Firewall and the other is an AntiVirus program.

The first line of defence is a good Firewall, so named because it acts similar to a firewall in your car, which protects the car body and its passengers from the engine, in the event of a fire. The Firewall is a software program that, once set up, will give a layer of security between the computer and the internet.

The AntiVirus software is also essential in stopping Viruses and Trojans in their tracks. Most AntiVirus programs are managed by professional companies that specifically devote all their time and effort to protecting users from viruses.

We can all do other things to stop ourselves from becoming the target of hackers, and the main way is by being aware and vigilant. We need to be careful about the emails we open and watch the kinds of websites we visit. Hackers are very clever people, who will prey on the fear we all have of losing our data, by offering their own brand of virus protection software, which contains viruses or is damaging.

The best way to beat these counterfeits is to spend some time doing some research. We need to be talking to the local computer store owner for some good advice and we need to be keeping up to date with the latest virus news online. If we know what the hacker's latest tricks are, then we have a much better chance of beating them.
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