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Can MLM Network Marketing Make Your Money?

Aug 4, 2008
Everyone says you can make money in MLM and network marketing, but what is the truth? Are they thinking about your best interests? In this article, I will tell you why network MLM marketing can't make you money, and then you can decide if network marketing is for you.

In this article about MLM and making money, you will discover:
* Why MLM Won't Make You Money - If You Want To Get Rich
* Why Non Networkers Will Fail In MLM
* How You Treat Your Business Will Result In Success Or Failure
* If You Are In It For Yourself

* Why MLM Won't Make You Money - If You Want To Get Rich
For many people MLM doesn't make them money. Why is that? Multi Level Marketing got a bad name over the years; it caused companies to change to calling themselves Network Marketing companies.

The reason was because people simply wanted to get rich. There is no doubt in my mind that the system works. In fact the internet is based on a similar pattern to Network Marketing, and the internet is now huge!

The first cause of failure in Network Multi Level Marketing business opportunities is that you want to get rich. Now, that is all good a desire, however consider it from another perspective. If you went for a job interview and only wanted money out of the equation, and that is all you spoke to the interviewer about, would you land the job?

The answer is likely no, but most people jump into Network Marketing with that belief. It is unfortunate, and lacks remembering that your prospects are like the interviewer, and if all you want is money, it won't work. Money is the byproduct of service and value.

* Why Non Networkers Will Fail In MLM
The point of this business model is that people are either sold a business opportunity and or a product. This system of business requires meeting people, and going the extra mile to achieve success. But, if you want to sit at home and never go and meet people, you will never succeed. This applies online also. Online, you will need to network with others just the same to succeed.

* How You Treat Your Business Will Result In Success Or Failure
Most people will work hard on there home business in the beginning, and then will gradually do less and less. Business needs professionalism, and without it, a business becomes a hobby, and most people don't make money from a hobby.

* If You Are In It For Yourself
We touched on this earlier in this article, but it is important to realize that it is important and will determine success or failure. A person who is there to serve will succeed. The fact is that most people want the money and don't want to serve. We all have seen the salesperson that simply wants the sale, and likewise we have all seen the odd few who really want to help you, and go out there way so you get what you want.

Consider these points. If you can't serve, and if you can't network with others, MLM and Network Marketing home business opportunities are not the best route for you. There are many home business opportunities, and all will require the positive sides of these points to be implemented consistently for success. And remember it takes time to succeed.
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