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Is Online Business The Greatest Problem Facing Our Generation?

Aug 4, 2008
Our society has a major problem. Since 1995 the internet has grown at a very large rate. This growth has come to a point where 1.1 billion people have online access. The problem is not the growth, but that society is in a problem. Only a very small amount of people know how to make money online.

The internet has definitely impacted humanity. Today we can hear someone say 'Google it' or 'Messenger' and we know what they are saying. However, even with all the knowledge of online, many still don't know how to actually make money online.

There is no doubt that most of business will be online. Even banks are doing it. The problem is that if you were to ask most of those people online if they knew how to make money online, they would not have a clue.

Ok, not everyone knows about business. And that is ok. Not everyone will be an entrepreneur, and not everyone will work for themselves. And the divide is very big. This is a factor which is bigger than the rich and poor factor we see in society.

If you were to take someone who knows nothing about business, conventionally. Give them money, and say start, even plodding along, they could make at least some money. Even if they had to sell at a loss, some money would come back, but this is not true for online.

Many people believe that online business is as simple as getting a website put up. But, this is far from the truth, and people making money online will know what I am talking about.

Many schools and universities have been slow on the uptake of the internet and necessary courses. There are a few courses that deal with the internet, but almost all deal with web design, and learning how to use the internet.

In all my research I have not found effective courses that actually deal with making money online. What makes matters worse is that those web designers will be out of a job in almost all cases!

Today web design is not used pretty much. Most of web sites are created with some sort of platform. And though web design still exists, it is not like before, where there was a big market, and anyone with some idea of making websites could sell there services.

Perhaps over the years, the education system will catch up, but today, it doesn't seem so. I estimate that for the next 10 years, we will still have a world where the vast majority has no idea of making money online.

Looking at a positive note - eBay, has made an impact, and has enabled more people to actually make money online. So has some great online marketers, who have put together websites and products which actually help people to do this. Some are even free! But, unfortunately they are in the small minority.
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