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Self Assessment By Answering Career Test

Aug 4, 2008
Sometimes life is difficult and when you get fired, it gets even more difficult. In a country where employee turnover is high and there are no laws to protect you at your work place, potentially anyone is at risk to be fired. In general, that is reality, but companies usually only fire a person that has not done his or her job properly, or is not qualified for his or her job any more.

If you are a person who has gone through related scenario you do not need to let go of faith. Believe in your self because life can bring much better for you and that is if you persevere. But of course, in your next job hunting, you must be more prepared. And to be prepared, you have to redesign your career builders-- determine your prime career choice, conduct self assessment, take a career test.

After you get fired, it is time that you conduct a self-evaluation or assessment. First of all, you need to see to it that you know the reason why you have been fired. Do not just assume, you have to know why you have been fired. Make sure that your employer tells you the precise reasons why he has fired you. A self-evaluation as to whether the employer is right and whether you might have to work on yourself can only be done after you know why the company has told you to leave your post.

If it was tardiness and absence of work that has made you fired, you need to be self critical enough to see that you need to be on time and be at work every single day that you are not taking a vacation day. Keeping a job means following the rules and these rules do include times that you have to be a t work if you want to keep the job.

When your boss told you, that you are not accomplishing your tasks or you are not qualified enough for the position, think back and try to find out why he might have said that. Did you deliver your work on the right time? Was it right, mostly without any problems and errors? If that is not the case, then perhaps your boss was right and maybe you were not qualified to do the job. It might be that you need some intensive training or some more classes at the university to be able to do your job right. Or maybe you have just chosen a job that is not for you.
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