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Buy A Star In The Sky

Aug 4, 2008
If you're looking to buy a star in the sky there are many different websites out there who will be happy to name a star for you for a small fee. Contrary to some people's belief you cannot buy a star from NASA as they do not have any star naming service. Anyway, there are lots of other companies out there who advertise that you can buy a star through them.

Does this claim that you can buy a star make you skeptical? It certainly made me skeptical so I started to do some research because I was curious just how these star naming services work. What I found changed my views on star naming and was actually a bit surprising to me as well.

If you do a search you'll see that there are many stars willing to sell you a star. If you go to these website and read more you'll see that they aren't really selling you a star, no one can do that, but what they are doing is selling you the rights to that stars name from their service. So, you don't really own the star or even the stars name, except through their company. Even so, it's a really nice gift for someone if you want to show them that you truly care about them. Most of the companies are pretty transparent in letting you know that you're not actually buying the star and I appreciated this honesty.

I personally like the idea of buying a star. I think that it's a good idea and can make the receiver quite happy to know that you cared enough to actually dedicate a star to them. Most companies issue similar documents when you name a star through them. You get a parchment certificate with the stars name, the date that the star was dedicated and the stars coordinates in the sky.

Many people will appreciate this unique gift and it's especially appropriate for those interested in astronomy. It's also a popular gift for children and even babies. Besides the star naming kit you'll also receive a chart showing the name and location of the star and a short book on astronomy.

The whole kit that you receive is very well designed and the person receiving the star should be quite impressed, not only with the presentation, but also because you thought enough of them to buy them a star. You'll find that dedicating a star to someone is quite inexpensive, with kits starting at just $15 from some star naming services.

I can tell you from personal experience that my wife loved it when I gave her the gift of a star. She never thought that you could buy a star and was very grateful that I took the time to think up such a unique gift. Plus we can go outside at night now and hold hands while we look up into the sparkling sky at her own star. It's a gift that keeps on giving.
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