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4 Best Distributor Business Opportunities

Aug 4, 2008
One industry that has been associated with distributors in the past is the MLM industry. Today it is more commonly known as the network marketing industry, and it offers many of the best distributor business opportunities available to you to make money on the Internet.

Here are four different opportunities for you to become a distributor as a network marketer that you may want to look at.

1. Membership based products make an excellent network marketing business today because you can continue to get paid over and over for making one sale. For example, there is a company known as SFI that offers a product called the IAHBE which is short for the International Association of Home Business Entrepreneurs.

SFI runs a hybrid compensation plan that combines affiliate marketing and network marketing components. Selling this product allows you to earn money every month that people maintain their membership.

2. Website hosting is another product that offers tremendous distributor business opportunities. One thing great about selling website hosting as a network marketing opportunity is people that who build websites tend to keep them.

This creates a tremendous residual opportunity not only for you but also for your downline. Although hosting is not a high priced product, you can make up for that by the tremendous amount of volume of products you can sell.

3. Success training is another distributor business opportunity that is really booming. For example, there is a company known as Success University that has a binary compensation plan where you can get paid several levels deep for selling success training.

The good thing about personal development programs are they never run out of prospects. There are always people from all walks of life looking for ways to become more so successful.

4. One physical industry that continues to do well is the nutritional supplement industry. Because this is not a highly regulated industry it is easy to get into and sell products. There are many great nutritional supplement companies on the market today that offer distributor business opportunities in the form of network marketing.

This is four of the best distributor business opportunities on the Internet today. There are really a lot of ways to make money utilizing the Internet and network marketing and you make great money with them.

The most important thing is that you find a product that appeals to you, and then figure out a way to build your own successful network marketing business with that.
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