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A Website Builder for Beginners

Aug 4, 2008
People on a tight budget usually learn that you save a lot of money by putting in extra hours of work yourself on the projects that need to get done. For example, it is possible to save money by doing your own house work, repairing your own car and growing your own food. If your business needs a website, shouldn't it be possible to build your own website too? Well, you can. And, you can probably accomplish the task with less know-how than it takes to build a house, a car or a garden. All you need are the right tools to make the process simple and quick.

What are the tools?
The main tool you need to create your own website is a website builder. A website builder is a tool that does all the coding and programming for you. It usually come with templates, models, graphics and functions that you can combine according to your own preferences so that your website has a unique and attractive appearance. Not all website builders are created equal though.

The following criteria are a few things you should look for in a website builder.

A lot of people who try building their own website have limited or zero experience with programming and designing. That's why a website builder needs to be incredibly simple and easy to use. If a novice can't learn the program, it will probably create more headaches than it's worth.

Online Accessible
Online accessibility is another great factor to look for. With the tools available online, you can work on your website and make updates from any computer in the world. That means you won't have to cart around a desktop or laptop computer to use the website builder you've found.

Compatibility means that the website builder uses programming language that every browser can read. This ensures that customers will be able to view and read your website weather they use Firefox, Internet Explorer or another browser.

You also need the website builder to accommodate all the functions you need on the website. For example, you could need anything from multi-language labels and PayPal shopping carts to photo albums and blogs on your website. If you need your website to facilitate certain functions, you'd better make sure the website builder can help you create those functions.

What is the Price?
Rather than paying thousands of dollars to have an outside company build a website that you might not even like, you can build a website absolutely free of charge if you use an online website builder. Of course, the people who created that useful tool need some way to feed their families too, so the fancier templates and programming functions will probably require a reasonable fee. Even the most advanced tools shouldn't cost most than fifty dollars a month though.
About the Author
Doodlekit (http://doodlekit.com/home/website_builder) is one of the most popular website builder tools on the market. It is easy to use and it is free if you are only building simple websites. Even the fancy packages are very affordable though. The author, Art Gib, is a freelance writer.
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