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Relationship Marketing: Nurture Your Clients, You'll Both Win in the End

Aug 4, 2008
For today's savvy marketers, relationship marketing is not a new concept. The smart marketing platform is already focused on understanding the customer's needs, and building a marketing strategy around those needs. But to build a cutting edge business, maintain existing customers, and ideally branch out to attract new long-term clients, it is necessary to examine your current practices and learn about new technologies and techniques, which will help your business, stay ahead.

The business world is always changing and developing - there is always a new trend and something new to learn, so it is important to stay on top of the evolution of business strategies.

Today's successful marketer must master a slew of new technologies and business practices: the Internet, CRM software and data mining solutions, all while overseeing and implementing successful marketing strategies. Business marketing has shifted from mass marketing to more personalized, targeted marketing. While this concept of relationship marketing is not new, new practices for relationship marketing have evolved, and relationship marketing is now viewed as a distinct process.

Nurture your Business through Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing has developed into a tool, an independent and important strategy for growing and maintaining your business. There have been dramatic changes in marketing in the past decade, making the art of marketing more complex, competitive and challenging than ever before. Relationship marketing has emerged as an essential platform for securing the success of your business. Marketing is one of the final areas within an organization that is beginning to follow a strict formal process.

Understanding the Nurture Phase

As relationship marketing has become a distinct and recognized platform with specific metrics, several distinct stages have developed as a way to build a successful relationship marketing strategy. Nurturing your business through the relationships you maintain with your clients is one of the first pillars of relationship marketing.

A relationship marketing platform goes beyond creating awareness about a product and identifying potential customers. One of the first steps towards a successful relationship marketing scheme is often called the nurture stage, which is the initial stage of a customer lifecycle. The nurture stage also includes the exchange of information and the process of moving customers or businesses towards a purchase by maintaining contact throughout the buying cycle.

During the nurture stage, your business needs to create awareness about your product and services, encourage consideration for your products, and provide an incentive for a customer to try your products.

Relationship marketing in the nurture phase also includes contact with the customers and clients after an initial purchase is made. You want to nurture a relationship with a client in its early stages, but it is important to continue to nurture your professional relationships with clients to continue a strong, ongoing relationship. How to successfully nurture a professional relationship is one of the first stages to consider and to build upon when embarking on designing a relationship marketing platform for your business.
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Christian Fea is CEO of Synertegic, Inc. A strategic Collaboration Marketing consulting firm empowering business owners to discover and implement Integration, Alliance, and Joint Venture marketing tactics to solve specific business challenges. christian@synertegic.com
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