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Web Submission : Responding to Questions With Profitable Answers

Aug 4, 2008
Web submission is a quick and easy way to get your web site information before millions of potential customers. More specifically, these are customers who want to buy what you are selling.

Web submission refers your web pages and URL address to the search engines that are responsible for documenting, identifying, sorting and presenting all the millions of web pages with all the billions of bits of information to those individuals who are looking for answers to their questions about a subject, a product or a service. Once the information on your web page is identified and indexed, it is available for distribution whenever there is a match between their query and the information on your web site. The providing of answers is profitable when it results in the sale of your product or service.

How to get on the search engine results page

In order to get on the search engine results page (SERP), the web page must be in the search engine index. Further, the information on the web page, such as keywords, subject matter must have gone through the process of web submission in order to be indexed. A request to index the web page is commonplace and usually results in fairly rapid incorporation of the web site address and information into the categorized and available information. It is just as important to rank high in the results from the search query as the likelihood is slim that most searchers will go beyond the first few entries on the SERP

Who uses the SERP?

The SERP is the results list that is returned whenever the search engine receives a term to search. There may be only a few items on the SERP, or the responses may run into millions of entries. Web submission is the first step in the process of getting your web site or URL into the system so that the search engines recognize the address and can attach information about the subject and the details on your web site.

How Do They Get There from Here?

Initiating web submission procedures is one of the least complicated methods for getting your web site noticed. When you receive a page rank that places your web page near the top of the search engine results page (SERP), many searchers will see your links as one of the responses to the query. Presumably, the more times your link appears among the first few results, the more likely you are to get visitors to your web site via the link from the search engine results page to your web page.

Improving Your Sales Revenue

Because more hits almost always results in more traffic and more traffic typically results in a higher sales volume, it is important that you make use of web submission in connection with your business or organization web site quickly in order to build your traffic. The answers must be on your web site that the searcher was expecting, but they must be able to find the answers readily. The important thing to accomplish is to get the potential customer to come back to your web site repeatedly as a way to build confidence and trust in your products.
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