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Halloween Adult Costumes Turning Scary To Sexy

Aug 5, 2008
Trick or treat! For kids, this is the reason why Halloween holds much excitement. For them, it is all about dressing up in scary little costumes and knocking on every door in the neighborhood with the challenge of, trick or treat, when they are given candies and such in exchange for being spared the trick.

For adults, Halloween holds excitement because of the Halloween parties that are sure to come up and the costumes that they can flaunt around. Granted, Halloween has always been about being the scariest creature you can be, but scary can always be turned into sexy with a couple of know hows to pull it off. These are some suggestions you can make use of in choosing a Halloween costume:

For women, blatant sexy

Typical Halloween costumes include that of a vampire or a ghost. Modern costumes nowadays, however, can include a variety of looks. If you want to arrive at a party and wow everyone with a blatantly sexy look, then perhaps you can dress up as the mysterious gypsy everyone whispered to have charmed a lot of men. You can wear a long and colorful skirt with a top that will show off skin, but not quite. How to do this? Transparent shawls can do the trick by wrapping it creatively around your body and on some parts of your face so that you appear mysterious. You can then add to the touch by bringing a crystal ball as your prop. Other modern costumes can include that of a belly dancer or the sexy cow girl.

Subtle sexy

Do you want to get people to notice your sexiness with the feel of your costume and aura rather than the actual look of it? Then perhaps you can use traditional Halloween costumes and work them to your advantage. Maybe you could go as the ghost of a girl haunted by the memory of the man she loves (because they never did get to see each other before she died). You could pull this off by donning a simple white dress and the rest can be worked by make-up. Just make sure the make up gives you the look of sorrow. You could then enter the party clutching your chest and looking sorrowfully about. Another option would be to come as the elegant bride of Dracula, all poise and blood lust.

For men

Men can get the sexy look by donning debonair costumes. You could go to a party as the pirate who ruled over the seas, looking all authoritative and fierce. Your costume could include a long sword and even an eye patch. Another option would be to dress up as count Dracula, the common but ever effective costume.

For Halloween parties, one could dress up in modern costumes or traditional ones. Whatever you choose to go as should be one that you can pull off effectively. Out on the Internet you can find so many choices of adult costumes. You may even find it challenging to know which one to buy. In this case, be prepared with your wallet, because you might just end up spending twice as much money than you intended.
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