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International Auto Shipping from the US to Great Britain

Aug 5, 2008
The United States began its relationship with Great Britain as a colony of an uncaring monarch, and then chose to throw off the yoke of oppression to declare they were an equal, and now have established a partnership that is one of the most solid in the world. International auto shipping both to and from Great Britain is a profitable endeavor for the automobile manufacturers on both sides of The Pond.

The seaports of the east coast of America and the rivers that feed into them offer a perfect shipping set-up for the international auto shipping companies going to the countries of Europe. On the other continent, the shipping port of Belfast, which is one of the largest in the world, can handle hundreds of cargo ships a day. The connection between the two nations is as convenient and mutually beneficial as it could possibly be.

Most of the automobiles manufactured in the United States are made on the assembly lines of Detroit or the Ohio River Valley. The rivers that run out of these regions provide a good international auto shipping route down the Mississippi and out into the Gulf of Mexico. This route is ideal for cargoes going to the Caribbean, South America, Africa and the Mediterranean. For a route to Great Britain, it is unnecessarily long.

The highway system in the continental United States offers another option for international auto shipping companies that want to transport automobiles from Michigan or Ohio. Interstate 90 runs through the entire region from west to east and goes right into upstate New York for access to Boston or New York City. The overland route to get to an east coast harbor is much more cost effective because Great Britain actually sits on the same parallel as New England does.

Another connection between the two nations is a cultural connection. During the potato famine of the 19th Century, many of the Irish who relocated to America settled in New York and Boston. Belfast is a part of Great Britain but it is physically in Ireland. The Belfast to Boston connection was established before the year 1900 and is still strong today. International auto shipping that is done from the docks of Charlestown, Massachusetts along the Mystic River in Boston is done by predominantly Irish-American workers.

New York also has a large Irish population and a history of trade with Belfast. International auto shipping from New York City is common from the factories of Ohio because of their geographical closeness. The harbors of Baltimore and Philadelphia are also handy departure points. Pennsylvania and Ohio are neighboring states and the highways connecting them are well maintained and pleasant to drive. International auto shipping companies use drivers that sometimes travel thousands of miles a week so a little scenery can't hurt.

The United States sends Great Britain the Ford, the Chevy and the Chrysler and they send back the Jaguar. It seems like the U.S. has the advantage in international auto shipping but the British cars usually have to travel round trip, for repairs.
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