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International Auto Shipping from the US East Coast

Aug 5, 2008
International auto shipping can be done on massive cargo ships by automotive manufacturers or it can be done by individuals who want to move their personal vehicle to another country. The seaports of the East Coast of the United States see plenty of both and are ideal for international auto shipping that is done by boat. They also all have major airports where automobiles can be flown out if preferred.

International auto shipping from automobile manufacturers usually originates in Detroit or the Ohio River Valley. Cars and trucks are transported overland to the cities of Boston, New York, Philadelphia or Baltimore for transport to destinations around the world. The vessels that they are loaded onto take the Atlantic route to Europe or go south through the Panama Canal to reach the Pacific.

International auto shipping of a personal vehicle provides the shipper with more options. Large cargoes of vehicles need to loaded aboard ships and taken to another country by sea. Single vehicles can be transported in this way or they can be flown over as air freight. Air freight is more expensive but much faster than waiting for your ship to come in. There is also the option of transporting your vehicle overland using an international auto shipping car carrier. Of course, this is only possible if you are moving to another country in North America.

Most of the international auto shipping that is done from East Coast cities is generated by people who are moving to European countries for long or short term stays. In recent years there has also been a lot of traffic going to the Middle East, particularly Israel, which has risen from the dead to become an international economic force. For those moving to Europe and transporting your vehicle with you there are some things you need to know.

The emissions standards and equipment guidelines in European countries are different. Some drive on the right side of the road and some on the left. Find out before you go because safety requirements may prevent you from being able to drive when you get there. Most of Europe has adopted the Euro as a unit of currency and all of them will charge you a tax when you import your car. Your international auto shipping company should be able to tell you how much the tax is.

The other thing to consider when contemplating international auto shipping to Europe is the cost effectiveness of it. Shipping from an East Coast city will be cheaper than shipping from inland but is it really worth the price that you have to pay to do it? All of Europe has vehicles available that are already designed to meet the local safety and emissions requirements and it might be that purchasing or leasing a car when you get there will be a better option. Review all of the numbers carefully and make sure that you're making the right decision before you ship your automobile.
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