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International Auto Shipping from the U.S. to Argentina

Aug 5, 2008
Tierra del Fuego Island is the southernmost piece of land in the world above the Antarctic Circle. It's located at the tip of Cape Horn in South America and is claimed as territory of the country of Argentina. International auto shipping companies in the United States ship cars and trucks to Tierra del Fuego and other cities and towns in Argentina on a regular basis, proving that no land is too far away from the assembly lines of Detroit.

From the shores of Lake Michigan, international auto shipping companies transport cars and trucks down the Mississippi River to New Orleans, through the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, and eventually into the harbors of Argentina. To put this is perspective the distance traveled from the point of origin to the furthest destination port is three times the distance traveled by Columbus in his original voyage to America. That voyage, which took several months, takes only a few days now.

International auto shipping from the United States to Argentina usually involves sending more inventory than is actually required by the market at the time. Argentina's geographical position at the far southern tip of the continent makes it a sensible location to have American cars and trucks available for consumers in Chile and the Falkland Islands, which has a thriving population and many British and American residents. Argentina, particularly Buenos Aries, is not an undeveloped country. They have modern technology, internet, cell phones and all of the modern amenities and luxuries that can be found in the United States and the countries of Europe and Asia.

International auto shipping from Japan is also common in Argentina. Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki are big sellers in the South American market, particular SUV's and motorcycles. The route that is taken by international auto shipping companies often goes past the West Coast of California and down into the southern portion of the Pacific Ocean to the tip of Cape Horn. This enables the massive cargo ships to offload cars to American harbors like Los Angeles and San Francisco before they sail south to Argentina.

European imports come in via international auto shipping direct from the established route that goes by the Azores or from the East Coast of the United States after offloads similar to those done in California. Many of the cargo ships that handle international auto shipping will carry automobiles from multiple car companies at the same time, particularly if they are headed to a distant destination like Argentina.

The automotive industry, since its inception in the early 20th Century, has grown into a multi-billion dollar global powerhouse that influences almost every area of our lives. As the 21st Century begins and natural resources start to dwindle, automobile manufacturers in the United States and around the world are seeking alternate power sources to build environmentally safer vehicles that have little or no reliance on petroleum products. Some of these vehicles are already on the market and international auto shipping companies are delivering them around the world right now.
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