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Maximizing Search Engine Optimization

Aug 5, 2008
One cannot expect to create a website and immediately have people knocking on its doors and shoot right up in the search rankings. One must first have an idea how search engine results are ranked. First, there is what is called crawlers or spiders that searches pages and pages of web content in the web and ranks them according to their own pre-determined criteria.

These criteria or logarithms differ from search engine to search engine and these are not usually known to anyone. However, there are certain criteria that can help increase rankings in the search engine game. One must consider increasing traffic to your website and drawing more visitors to increase business and make your site a go-to place.

* Start with a good layout design.

Do not overload the page with images or content. Make sure that the layout is easy on the eyes. Some color can be good but make it work for you. There are free sites that offer pre-made layout designs. However, it's good to customize your page. If you know somebody who does layout or web design, it would be best to hire his or her services.

* Navigability.

Being user friendly is one of the best attributes of a good web site. It can attract more people if ease of navigation is a priority. Make the whole page organized. Use menus and submenus. Carefully allocate space for photos, blogs and other categories.

* Make it useful.

Make sure that you are not selling yourself short so make your site useful. Remember that people who visit your site is there for a reason. Add photos, relevant articles and useful description of the products or services you are selling. If you can, provide links to other sites. This can actually turn into a lucrative business if you know how to use it.

* Content.

Unique web content is the most important method in ensuring a high search engine ranking. Relevant, informative and one-of-a kind articles can place your site on top of the search engine list. Make sure that the quality and the content will appeal to your target audience.

* Optimize keywords.

Keywords and key phrases are the reason for getting on top of the rankings list. Optimized them and carefully include them in strategic positions in your content. The trick in making sure that keywords are picked up by crawlers is through the use of specific words that are actually used by the visitor. Place yourself in the user's shoes.

To have effective search engine optimization in today's ever-expanding Google Universe, you must write content that people love. Don't be afraid to take a chance no matter how risky it may be. Even if you end up at a blogger's convention drunken from the night before, you will still have something to offer the internet.

Google is your friend. So don't try to fool them because you're only fooling yourself. And that, is not Search Engine Optimization of any kind.
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Michael Guy is an expert in the field of SEO (search engine optimization) and the CEO of the SEO company, 1 SEO Experts. Michael has been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine for his work. You may contact Michael at sales(at)1seoexperts.com or for a quick tutorial on conversion ratios, try Conversion Ratios.
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