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Top Ten Home Businesses

Aug 5, 2008
I'm going to summarize what I think are the top ten home businesses here.

1. Copywriting. Since I'm a writer, I'm going to put copywriting first. It's a great business because you can work from home for clients all over the world. You can even choose to have yourself as a client and become an internet marketer. The great thing about copywriting is that companies need American English writers, so the top jobs cannot be outsourced.

2. Daycare. This is a time and labor intensive business, but there will always be a market for someone to watch the kids. My sister runs a profitable home based day care and she enjoys teaching the 2-4 year olds. She doesn't have "large" classes since her daycare is limited by state law to 6 children. Additionally, she can deduct all of the rooms the children are in (essentially her whole downstairs) from her taxes. And, she gets a subsidy for all of the meals she serves children and gets to count her own children when they're home.

3. Office Cleaning. Unlike home cleaning, office cleaning can be done in the evenings so people still working full time jobs can start this as a sideline and grow it into a full time business. Even small businesses pay between $500-$2000 a month in cleaning fees. And, if you can land a full service office building, you can make some serious money.

4. Catering. If you like to cook and the hospitality industry appeals to you, you can go into catering. One woman I know simply prepares gourmet salads and sandwiches after her children leave for school, and then goes around to a dozen offices and sells her wares. She's home by the time her kids get back from school. Make sure your kitchen is certified for commercial food handling.

5. Computer Repair. There are so many things that can go wrong with computers. Small businesses don't have an Information Technology department. You can be their "consultant on call."

6. T-Shirt Business. Many of us have a creative streak and fantasize about becoming a fashion designer. While starting a t-shirt business will not put your work on the cover of Vogue, it's actually rather inexpensive to start up.

7.P rofessional Organizing. This is a growing industry. I should know - I recently hired a Professional Organizer to redo my home office. It set me back $720. If you're organized and efficient, you should do well in this industry.

8. Secretarial Service/Virtual Assistant. Companies are increasingly outsourcing more and more of their functions. Virtual Assistants can provide administrative support to companies without taking up office space or requiring a full time salary or benefits. You gain because you're paid a higher hourly fee when you work from home.

9. Window Tinting. Window tinting is a fun way to work from home if you like to work with cars. People drop off their car in your driveway in the morning. That afternoon, they pick it up with the windows nicely tinted.

10. Photography Business. This one isn't what you think. While you can start a business photographing weddings and taking family portraits, I'm thinking more of a "photo rep" business. Financial companies (mortgages, loans, insurance, etc.) hire you to take digital photos of homes, cars, boats, etc. in your home town. You then upload them to your computer and send them to the company. This is a growing market because more and more financial business is being done through national offices (as a result of the internet), but they still need local reps for photos. You do not have to have any great artistic photographic talent for this - just working knowledge of a digital camera.

There you have it - the top ten Home Businesses.
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