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Keys To A Successful Email Campaign That Will Get Conversions

Aug 5, 2008
Savvy affiliate marketers know that a major key to success is to establish relationships with clients who've purchased a product or service from them. After all, the number one rule of business is to relentlessly follow up with clients! If you've got a list of clients who've purchased from your site, then you're holding a great tool towards generating the kind of profits that most marketers only dream of and it will only take seconds a day!

That's right: I'm talking about an email marketing campaign. It's no longer enough to have website that generates loads of one-time sales. After all, if you focus solely on one-time sales, you're not effectively using your clients and your affiliate marketing business is losing serious profit. Remember, if your site or product was compelling enough to turn an online reader into a happy customer, then chances are they are even more likely to become a loyal client, who will regard you as an expert in your marketing field. An email campaign is a great way to keep in touch with customers in your effort to provide them continual service; it can also be a major key towards promoting more products without breaking a sweat!

When starting an email marketing campaign, be sure that your clients are happy with their purchase. If you've got a high rate of returns, or the company or entrepreneur that you're promoting does, it's probably not in your best interest to launch an email campaign, as your clients will more than likely delete any emails you send. This shouldn't present a problem, however, because you took the time to align yourself with a quality product or company, right?

The most important thing about your email campaign is to make sure that you're providing the best content possible to your customers. Make it worth your client's time to open that email stuff the body chock-full of tips and advice that are pertinent to your subject, or have your emails dedicated to expanding how your product or service can be used. For example, if you sell an e-book on launching a successful internet marketing business, have your emails full of relevant tips on how to overcome any obstacles that a newbie might encounter. Not sure that you have the talent or skills needed to write the kind of emails that will have your customers begging for more? Don't waste anymore of your time; hire an experienced freelance writer that can create an email campaign worthy of your business. Soon your clients will be looking forward to seeing your emails in their inbox!

On a side note - are you worried that spammers might prevent your email from reaching any inboxes? You're right to be anxious: due to the rapid rise of spam that pummels the average consumer's inbox, more and more authentic marketing emails are getting lost amid all the junk. Be proactive and get your customers to sign up for a subscription list. Additionally, beware of danger words that spammers use in their subject lines, including bonus, free, special and discount, among others. If these tips don't seem to work, try adding Re: to your subject line. It's a sneaky little trick that some of your clients might not appreciate that much, but it's an effective way to separate your email from the junk.

Another important thing to remember in an email campaign is to be polite! While the boom of the internet has offered a plethora of money-making opportunities, it's also caused a rapid decline in the presence of online manners. To ensure that your emails don't annoy your customers, avoid writing in all caps (IT GIVES OFF THE IMPRESSION THAT YOU'RE SHOUTING!), don't use emoticons or slang and make sure to thank your clients for their valued business. Remember, your emails need to reflect your professionalism if the emails read like a blog post written by an eighth-grader, you're not going to have a great client retention rate.

What's one of the greatest ways to use your emails to get more profit? Offer your clientele special discounts and promotions on new products that only they have access to. Remember, you want to make your loyal customers feel special and they'll definitely appreciate any discounts that you offer on your products or services!

If you keep all of these tips in mind when creating your email campaign, your time will be well-spent, as your emails will not only establish you as an expert in your particular field they'll make money for you with only a simple click of your mouse!
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