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Network Marketing Strategy - Story Telling

Aug 5, 2008
Most of us have heard before about the value of telling stories. The reason it's such a powerful network marketing strategy is that it's not perceived as a sales technique. You're just telling a story.

And if you'll remember to gather just a handful of stories that bring home certain points about your products or your opportunity, then you can talk to anybody with confidence.

Why? Because you're not selling. You're just telling a story.

You MUST have stories about your products or services. If you don't have your own yet, your company or upline almost certainly offer a conference call or online format where you can hear or read great stories. If it's a conference call format, then tape the calls, listen to them again, pick out the best stories, transcribe them, learn them, and use them.

Many MLM trainers have great stories on their websites. Do a Google search for "MLM trainers" and look at some of the websites you bring up. When you run into a story that illustrates an important point, copy it and learn to use it for your own business.

Here's a great example: After only a few days of being live, the 'Opportunity System' your using should have delivered 3 valuable leads to you, without you having to do more than send out an Opportunity via an automated email system.

And another: Within the system you've chosen to work in, should be structured to have a Fee Rebate System which rewards the efforts of the team members by putting them in a cash-positive situation (rewards outweighing costs) with only 5 personally introduced members in their Network; that's huge!

And another: If anyone doubts the value of Networking in general, then my own personal experience with one Business Networking Group that I established a few years ago is worth a mention. I worked for about 8 months to get this group established, and had also formed another sub-group of IT Companies from within the core group. Over that particular 8 month period my personal income was not too handsome at all: quite ugly in fact! However, over the following 4 years, income from that group alone had amounted to around $300K.

Do you think that was worth the effort? Were the rewards aligned with those same efforts? Gather real stories: but make sure they're packed with integrity! Then share them with the appropriate people. They work.
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Adam Price is a business networking specialist, focussing on helping business owners to exponentially grow their companies. Adam is also the co-founder of Synergy Biz Net. To learn more visit: www.SynergyBizNet.com
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