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MLM or Network Marketing - What is it Really?

Aug 5, 2008
MLM is considered basically a channel of distribution for goods and services that also can have a "Franchise" opportunity attached. You can join a network marketing company and build a representative group or team that you can obtain royalties from, and build an override structure from what they do.

And most people look at MLM as exactly that: a system for creating wealth through your efforts and the efforts of others!

Nothing wrong with that point of view: however, there is a huge gap in that reality. Before you can build a group that does not go away, you MUST understand what MLM really is from a big picture viewpoint ... and all the rest will fall into place.

Network Marketing actually is this: Personal Development, wonderfully moulded into a business, that can be duplicated: over and over again!

Do you get that?

Please do yourself a favour and read it again.

What that means is MLM requires and pretty much demands Personal Growth and Personal Development from you in order for you to succeed.

There is no other way to succeed: here is the recipe .... Grow yourself: Grow your business!

Many people bring damaged attitudes, skills and habits to MLM, and with that, they try to build a business with skills that guarantee failure.

No, they don't plan to fail, they just have not developed the necessary skills to the level that is required to succeed in an MLM environment...simple and plain. Those skills cannot produce success because they are not prepared and ready for success.

As it happens, most are never told that their skills are lacking and need refining and building, and that network marketing is not necessarily a walk in the park, and requires a sound skillset, and determination to use same persistently.

From where I'm standing, good leadership is the key to the MLM business.

You must learn to lead yourself and others on a path to flowing and sustainable growth, which will increase your odds of succeeding in MLM massively!

You must strive to learn the following:

1. Company and product information and how to present it concisely;

2. How to prospect in the most effective manner;

3. How to train your team members most effectively; and

4. How to duplicate the entire process and pass it on to others.

And how you do all of that will depend on the skillset you bring to your business; especially your communication skills.

Your results depend on one thing in the MLM environment, and everything else revolves around it: Creating great relationships through communicating with people!

A huge part of good leadership is knowing and practising masterful communication, and no matter how good you are with people, you must have a masterful skillset to communicate with people, and that is where Personal Growth is so important.

You must grow and develop your skills to the level that any MLM business demands: and that requires work, study, and that personal experience in the field that I mentioned earlier.

Most of the success stories did not come into network marketing with those skills already intac: they grew into the business .... day by day.... week by week .... call by call .... One small step at a time!

They worked their way to success through personal development and mastery in communication: Two key steps to both MLM and Leadership Success.

Therefore: Network Marketing is ....

1. A channel and business of distributing products or services;

2. A business of "Mini Franchises" that can be duplicated easily;

3. A direct sales business; and

4. A 'people business' for average people to grow to do extraordinary things!

As anyone who is seriously involved in network marketing, you are in the business of touching and changing people's lives .... Including your own!

Within the MLM realm is a power to change people's lives radically; in many ways; with what MLM can bring to it .... as well as bring to your own life. What you do with that life changing power is totally up to you!

You can tap into that power which is available to you and start a campaign of growth and success in your life; and then spread that new energy to others through the personal growth aspect, and increasing your own skills as well as others through thoroughly embracing and engaging this business on a daily basis, and teaching it to others, so they can do the same. An amazing thing happens - you teach and spread success exponentially!

Through Leadership.

Network marketing then is a power you have tapped into. A life-changing potential which demands growth from you, to be able to unleash that greatness inside of you, and then help others do the same. You are in fact teaching by a powerful example down through their individual businesses, which in turn is your very own business by virtue of how the system works.

Duplication then allows the same to happen by example: time and time again!

You lead; you teach others to lead; and they teach others to lead.
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Adam Price is a business networking specialist, focussing on helping business owners to exponentially grow their companies. Adam is also the co-founder of Synergy Biz Net. To learn more visit: www.SynergyBizNet.com
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