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Utah Valley Has Become a Technology Hub for Internet Advertising Technologies

Aug 5, 2008
Omniture, an industry leader in web analytics is based in Utah Valley. The company's software is used by all Fortune 500 companies to track web user data on their respective websites. This data is then used to determine user behavior, which when used correctly, can be a resource for designing better web pages that generate greater online revenue. Their flagship product is called Site Catalyst and in many search marketers opinions, is the best software available for web analytics.

Omniture is also one of the of the largest employers of the valley. They have also been know to be one of the best paying employers their too. It's been said that the salaries being offered by Omniture exceed the local average by as much as 75%. Ironically, they still struggle to find qualified personnel to meet their continued growth rate.

A new and upcoming Internet company based in Utah Valley is called OrangeSoda. Don't let the name full you, they have nothing to do with the actual orange soda soft drink. They are an internet marketing company that assists small businesses with boosting their online presence.

To do this, OrangeSoda has created a technology platform that services the two major online marketing channels, pay-per-click, and search-engine-optimization, thus giving their clients the opportunity to display their business ads in the search engines sponsored listings and the natural listings. OrangeSoda appears to be growing very fast, as their name is mentioned more and more among the major internet marketing publications.

Another upcoming company, which is also a web analytics based business, is BLVD Status. Located in northern Utah Valley, they provide a free platform for tracking a web sites web analytics. Unlike Omniture, whose enterprise web analytics software can be extremely expensive, BLVD Status offers a simpler platform that is more suited for smaller websites, and could be compared to Google Analytics.

The product is gaining quick notoriety, and positive reviews across the web. The interface is user friendly and provides the necessary reporting fields for a successful review of a web sites usability and function. It will be interesting to see how long they keep their product free, as there isn't any other potential revenue source for their business.

These three companies are among the elite for Utah Valley's internet technologies. But with a rapidly changing internet market place, and Utah Valley's growing reputation for technology talent, it wouldn't be too surprising to see even more tech companies start up with in this area.
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