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Success on a Shoestring: How to Promote Your Network Marketing Business

Aug 5, 2008
When it comes to starting a business, many people panic at the thought of having to dole out lots of money for advertising and marketing, but fear not. There are effective ways to promote your network marketing business on a small budget, thanks to the Internet. Even with limited capital you can create and promote a successful network marketing business.

Here are a few methods for promoting your network marketing business, even on a shoestring budget.

*Optimize, optimize, optimize!

This point cannot be overemphasized. Ensure that your website is sufficiently optimized for the keywords that you have chosen for your web pages. To do this, it helps tremendously to use H1 and H2 tags on every page, and make sure that the headline on every page includes your keywords. Also check to ensure that your pages' keyword density is in the 3-5% range. If it is higher, it'll be considered spam.

*Get Google's attention

In addition to making sure that your network marketing business' site is optimized, there is another way to ensure your site gets noticed. Put a sitemap on your site. Don't worry, it's easy. Just open a free Google account and tell Google where your sitemap is found. Within 24 hours, your site will be indexed by Google, and that equals more exposure and more traffic for your site. All you have to do is sign up for a free account!

*Become an author

There is arguably no better way to generate free traffic for your network marketing site than to write articles and submit them to article directories for distribution, as well as to distribution lists. By creating several articles weekly, you create a vast system of backlinks (links that send people back to your site from your article). That results in a flurry of traffic for your network marketing site.

*Write some press releases

While you are focused on creating captivating, riveting, optimized articles, don't forget about the humble press release. Just as with an article, a press release helps your network marketing business get the exposure you need to be successful. A well-crafted press release is a great strategy for generating traffic and links to your site, all for a very low cost to you.

*Have your say

It may sound painfully simple, but having a network marketing business won't do you any good if no one but you knows about it. Enter the forum. Forums are great places to meet and "talk" with people who potentially share an interest in your business; such people are a great pool from which to pull potential customers. Adding your comments to the forum discussions establishes you as an expert in your business and generates interest. You'll be considered a trusted source of information, and any business opportunities you promote will likely be seen as the kind of bandwagon customers want to join.

*Spread the news

So you've written a stellar article and submitted it to all the best article directories. Now you are forced to sit back and wait until someone just happens to search for your keywords and find your article, right? Wrong! Spread the word about your network marketing business by writing and distributing a newsletter. Let people know where they can find more information (like your article). It is an opportunity that can't be missed! You'll help drive traffic to your article and, by extension, to your website.

Promoting your network marketing business on a shoestring budget is as easy as following these steps. In general, the goal is to write really good content that extols the virtues of your business, and then get the word out about it. Are you ready? Start promoting!
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Network marketing,MLM and other types of home businesses can be started by distributing articles,press releases and newsletters at very little or no cost.Erik Gifford,a network marketing internet attraction marketing coach has posted a free article at network marketing guidance.
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