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Make Money On Other People's Convenience

Aug 5, 2008
In many ways men and women today are less equipped to manage a full compliment of duties. Often we were raised with less need to know about many things, but rather we learn to excel with a smaller number of skills.

In previous generations it may have been more important to know a little bit about plumbing, electricity and automotive repair. Today we simply call someone skilled in a particular area and have him or her fix whatever issue we may have.

For instance I don't believe most of the men in my dad's era ever paid to have someone change the oil in their automobile. Today it is rare that an individual will take care of this duty on his or her own.

If the sink is clogged we might try a chemical remover or we might 'plunge' a time or two, but then we call a plumber to come and make our drains flow freely again.

A friend of mine who once had a drain that persistently clogged was visited by the same plumber every few months. Finally the plumber looked at my friend and said, "If you want to save a visit from me all you need to do is pour half a cup of bleach down your drain every month or two. The bleach will cause any hair buildup to break apart and save you from another clogged drain. This simple advice stopped the constant visits and saved my friend a lot of cash, but this wasn't something he was taught as a skill - it came at the price of multiple plumbing visits.

There is money in being able to provide a service that seems either foreign or scary to those who need the work done.

As a people we are more inclined to embrace the idea that we don't know how to do certain things. We are also quick to make the call when we need that service performed.

A little bit of knowledge in an area can make you an expert that is sought after. Most people don't want to mess anything up so they will venture outside their sphere of influence when they need help. It is easier to pay for the help than trying to figure out what skills they need to learn and then learning those skills.

Since most of us aren't blessed with a neighbor who seems to know it all and is willing to help in a compassionate way we will continue to rely on outside help to accomplish things around the house.

It is in that environment that someone will be able to make money. The truth is you can gain some of your marketable skill simply by paying a visit to your favorite hardware or lumber shop and asking a few questions. Many of the experts there are more than willing to pass along a few tips to help you in present or future repairs.

It is possible for virtually anyone to learn the skills they need, but most just do not have the time or patience to become proficient at a skill they may only use once.

Your moneymaking idea could be the answer to the convenience others have come to expect.
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