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New Options In Satellite Internet For Consumers

Aug 5, 2008
Satellite Internet has long been something that was only available to the government and business types in society. But thanks to consumerism and the fact that technology is becoming less expensive all the time, satellite Internet is starting to become more geared towards consumers and business alike- not just those with deep pockets.

A receiver is installed on a consumer's home to communciate with the Internet service provider's satellite. Once the satellite received the information successfully, it is going to send the information to the destination. The destination then sends back information in response to the request, and the entire process is complete. Just like that, we have an instant connection to client and server!

Spaceway DSL as satellite Internet has become to be called is offered by a few major companies in particular. DirecWay was a very popular service that was acquired by HughesNet, in which point in time HughesNet became one of the most dependable and trusted sources in satellite Internet services. Others such as Wild Blue have been made popular, and "shopping around" for such things is recommended for best effect.

The amount of data that satellite Internet service providers allow to be transferred at a time is called bandwidth. Bandwidth is going to vary based on the plan that consumer buys each month. Business plans will be much more expensive, while consumers will trade the high expense for a lower bandwidth rating. But most will see that the trade off isn't so bad, and many will rarely use the maximum quota on a constant basis.

The only benefit that other forms of high speed Internet and even telephone connections have over satellite is that they are usually on during heavy storms and blizzards, in which case satellite Internet may take a turn for the worst. A somewhat clear atmosphere is necessary to make a connection to the satellite, and if this connection isn't made, then one can't access the Internet. Recent technologies have lessened this effect, but it is still possible to experience it.

DSL via satellite varies in installation requirements. Some wireless satellites will only need to conference with a local tower- meaning the receiver is going to be very small. Other satellites in remote locations will be large and will require placement on a roof or on a stand in a small clearing. This depends on the ISP, room available, and how close to civilization one lives.

Closing Comments

Satellite Internet is by no means new, but it has just recently become affordable for consumers everywhere. To take advantage of the price decrements, consumers should scope out providers such as HughesNet, which has taken over the name of DirecWay. Others such as Starband or Wild Blue may be good options as well, depending on one's budget and needs.
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