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Gumball Vending Machines

Aug 5, 2008
Gumball vending machines are among the oldest surviving types of vending machines. (An interesting side fact is that the first vending machine was a water dispenser in Egypt circa 100 B.C.) The first gumball machines were penny machines. You can still get those antiques, although they are more for novelty use than a way for you to make a profit. Who wants to carry around five dollars' worth of pennies?

A gumball vending machine is first of all a vending machine business niche element. So in order to make profit and be successful in your business, you most certainly must think about positioning the gumball vending machine. Considering the fact that candy vending machines can't be placed in a local food store - a gumball dispenser is, however, a great replacement, being smaller and much more adaptable to a local store.

Kids are the main targets to a gumball vending machine, so placing vending machines in locations where kids go is a major factor in increasing your revenue and developing a profitable vending machine business.

Along with selling gumballs, you can sell many products for fun. Gumball machines can be used to sell bouncy balls, toy capsules or even small souvenir mugs. As long as the products can fit through the dispenser in the gumball vending machines you can use them in the machines. You will also have to adjust the price to reflect the product because some products are more expensive than others. You do have to price the products to sell, but also be able to make a profit in your business. Gumball machines are so popular because they are the most profitable of all vending machines.

The spiral gumball vending machines seem to work best in a vending machine business. This is because these machines are very attractive to children, who love to watch the gumball spin around the spiral in the machine. Parents don?t mind spending the quarter for the gumball and quite often they will end up spending more than one in the fun gumball machines. Business owners don?t mind having them on their premises either because they get a commission based on the amount of money that comes out of each machine. If you are thinking of getting started in the vending machine business, you will enjoy great success with gumball vending machines.

There are stores that will ask for up to 25% of your sales. This is the case of a major superstore, with great sales itself, that will only do you good if it lets you place the vending machine in its location.
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