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Buy A Star for the Holidays

Aug 5, 2008
With so many holidays and gifts to buy for each one how can you keep coming up with new, fun and unique gift ideas for your friends and loved ones? What about naming a star for that special someone? They will be pleased and so grateful when you take them outside and point to their own star in the night sky.

If you want to get a gift that is completely remembered and so unique then you can't go wrong buying someone a star. And to really wow your lover there's nothing more romantic than giving him or her a piece of the heavens.
Better yet, some of the star naming companies will not only let you name the star, but they will also let you choose the constellation your star is in. This means you can add extra significance to the star by placing it in the same constellation as their zodiac horoscope or choosing some other significant constellation.

Romance is one great reason to buy someone a star, but there are others as well. I've already mentioned how unique it is, but it's also an inexpensive gift. And for the person who has everything it could be perfect, much better than another tie for their birthday.

The holidays and occasions you can use to buy a star are nearly limitless. Valentine's Day, Christmas, Mother's Day, anniversaries, christening and birthdays are just a few of the occasions you can have to present someone their own personal star.

If the recipient is a child imagine the look of amazement on their faces when they can go out and see their very own star sparkling in the sky. There's nothing you could do to replace the wonder and joy of a child who's received a special gift like that.

Keep in mind that the person won't really own the star that you give them. Buying a star is a novelty gift and the registration of the name is only valid with the company that has sold you the star name. It is the thought that counts when you buy someone the gift of a star. Knowing that you thought enough of that person to dedicate a star to them forever is priceless.

When you buy the star name you'll get a beautiful parchment certificate showing the owner of the star, the stars name and its coordinates in the sky. You will also get a star map showing your star and other documents about the stars history and astronomy in general.

Finding a perfect gift for someone can be a time consuming task. Make your next gift quick, easy, inexpensive and unique by dedicating a star to someone. You'll be glad you did when you see the look of amazement on their face. And they will remember the gift and you forever.
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