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What Are The Benefits Of Building An Opt In List For Your Blog?

Aug 5, 2008
Lots of people blog these days, let's face it. Anywhere you turn, you can find blogs on just about any subject talked about by people who love them best, so you find a lot of information. It's free to have a blog, of course, but should you have one of your own? That depends. If you want to talk about current events or your favorite topics, that's great. Do you want to promote or market? That's great, too. Sometimes, Internet marketers call this "niche marketing." Recently, though, more and more people have begun to realize that they can use their blogs to create an opt in list for marketing purposes. In short, the money is in your blog -- or make that, in your blog's opt in list.

When you build a good quality list, your return on investment could be as high as 1000% or more. And it'll keep going up, because as you build a relationship with your list, you're going to be able to get more and more benefit from it. Set up your blog and put an e-mail address form on it, and then write a short and informative report on your niche's topic. Let your readers have the report for free as long as they give you their e-mail addresses.

This is simple, yet effective. Your readers can actually become future customers, and all they have to do is to type in their first name and e-mail address into your autoresponder. They download your free report, and you get their e-mail addresses. And there you have it, your blog opt in list.

There are lot of opportunities to make money with your list once you've built one that's responsive to you. You list doesn't have to be huge in order to make you a recurring income, either. You'll need to build and maintain a relationship with your list by providing them with quality material. The products you sell, too, will have to be quality.

Your opt in list is a very valuable asset and vital to your business, especially if you work mostly online. A blog is a great tool for you to use in order to build your list. It's free for you to do, search engines can pick you up easily, and you have a platform that's got of a lot of additional functionality as well. In addition, you look professional doing it. If you want to build a list for free that can earn you a lot of money, this can be one way to do it. It's an incredibly lucrative and relatively recent development in the online world that's not to be missed.
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