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Overseas Shipping From Belfast To Boston

Aug 5, 2008
Belfast, Northern Ireland is well known throughout the world as the city that always makes the news for an IRA bombing or conflict between the Catholics of Ireland and the Protestants of Great Britain. There are thirty-two counties in Ireland and six of them are still under British control. Belfast, one of the largest overseas shipping ports in the world, is located in one of the six.

In the late 19th Century, the farmers in Ireland, due to poor rotation of crops and the deterioration of the soil, experienced what has come to be known as the Great Potato Famine. Potatoes, a staple crop for the Irish people, began coming out of the ground black, rotted, and completely inedible. The population in all thirty-two counties experienced starvation and poverty for years. Many chose to leave Ireland and move to America for employment opportunities and a new life for their families. Overseas shipping companies were employed to ferry the Irish over by the tens of thousands to the cities along the East Coast of the United States. Boston became a popular destination and today has one of the largest Irish-American populations in the U.S.

Just as the other ethnic groups before them had done, when the Irish were settled in America they set up lines of communication with their mother land and established overseas shipping both to and from Ireland. The ships coming over sailed from Belfast Harbor. Both Belfast and Boston soon became prosperous on the profits brought in by overseas shipping companies.

While all of this was going on, the desperate people who stayed in Ireland revolted against their British landlords, feeling that pressure for higher crop yields and high taxes from the government were the cause of the famine. This eventually led to the formation of the Republic of Ireland by the twenty-six counties in the South. This nation still exists today and is one of the major developers in Europe of technology and computer software.

The British, seeing the profits coming in from overseas shipping to and from Belfast, did not relinquish their hold on the northern portion of the island and still control it today. Belfast, as a city of the British Empire, has grown and become the largest shipping port in Europe. The conflicts that have occurred there, although justified with religious and political motives, are all about control of the overseas shipping profits.

Boston, with the influence of the hard working Irish people, has become one of the more economically stable and safest cities to live in the United States. The overseas shipping companies that once brought a desperate people to the shores of a new world now transport cargoes of manufactured goods and agricultural products to destinations around the globe. The regular routes to Belfast are often just the first leg in ventures that supply the continents of Europe, Africa and the Middle East with countless products that are all stamped Made in America. What began as a flight for their lives has now turned into a multi-billion dollar industry for the Irish on both sides of the Atlantic.
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