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Establish Your Career Builders: Digital Profile; Self Assessment

Aug 5, 2008
Whether you are searching for a job after getting fired or you are looking for a job other than the one you are working at currently, a number of steps in that process are the same. You need to get your resume up to date and must conform to newest standards, you need to get your wardrobe together and most especially, you need to be prepared to go for the interview-- you need to establish your career builders.

There are things that really play a vital role for your career success. One thing that really matters in order to land on your desired position is your career choice. You have to be focused, you have to determine the things that you love doing. Another is, by doing self assessment and you can do this by answering a career test or career check list.

Aside from what are mentioned above, you need to go with the current trends in technology because this provides great advantage. Did you know that in a fast paced society with all the high technology gadgets, employers and companies appreciate a good digital information or profile? When it is time to land a new job it is time for you to update your digital profile.

For those of you who might not know what a digital or information profile is, let's reminisce about digital profiles for just a second here. A digital profile is any and all information about you that can be found online most especially your information as a professional. It can be anything from your own homepage, over articles and answers that you have published on the Internet to videos and pictures of you. Anything that is somehow related to you and your name and can be found through Internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and other crawlers belongs to your digital profile or e-portfolio. Believe it or not, lots employers have started to check out your digital profile online by doing a little research on the Internet and finding any information about you. If it is on the Internet it is public information and therefore not illegal.

Therefore before going onto your next job-hunt, update your digital profile. Steps you can take to clean up your e-profile are many and one of the easiest ones is a regular search with different Internet search engines about things that are related to your name.

Again, you have to program your career builders-- career test, digital profile, self assessment.
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