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Overseas shipping in the 21st Century

Aug 5, 2008
Eight years into the 21st Century, we are already seeing that the world is new and different from what it used to be a few decades ago. Computer technology and improvements in overseas shipping methods have made doing business in the 21st Century easier and more profitable. Laptops, cell phones, blackberries and GPS tracking have enabled us to be more portable and have the freedom to do business in places we were never able to before.

Trade policies that were put in place during the 20th Century have benefited overseas shipping companies today and made doing business on an international scale faster and more efficient. The North American Free Trade Act helps companies in the United States, Canada and the Mexico exchange goods and services without hold ups or high income and export taxes. Treaties established with the nations of Southeast Asia after World War II enable overseas shipping companies to send technology, textiles and automobiles back and forth across the Pacific.

In 2002, the countries of Europe formed a trade alliance known as the European Union. The E.U. participating nations have their own currency, the Euro, which is universally accepted by all involved. This has enabled European countries to trade with each other without the additional hassle of currency exchange. It has also helped the overseas shipping industry which can now do business in Europe with little or no resistance from independent governments.

The 21st Century is the era of e-commerce and outsourcing. Building a website in the United States and selling a product to the rest of the world is a common occurrence for even those who have never been in business for themselves before. Utilizing local or remote manufacturers and an affordable overseas shipping method, many people have become successful overnight. Outsourcing the manufacturing or administration of it can make a good idea an automatic income with very little effort on the part of the owner.

Technology has not just benefited the overseas shipping industry. It has brought the world closer together and given us hope for the future. For thousands of years nations and individuals have fought for the right to control overseas shipping markets and routes. The United States struggled for two centuries just to gain control of the continent that they are physically located on. The internet is a territory that's big enough for everyone. Products can be sold to the entire world and the overseas shipping routes can be shared by companies delivering all products to all nations.

If you turn on the television and watch the news from around the globe you would swear that the world is coming to an end. Armed conflicts and the danger of nuclear weapons have many believing that Armageddon is here. You can believe it if you want to, but first take a look at the economic prosperity that is being enjoyed by those who are using the technology we have available. Conflict is the result of ignorance, fear and greed. Knowledge and understanding will be the forces that bring us into the next century.
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