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International Auto Shipping from the U.S. to Canada

Aug 5, 2008
The United States and Canada are so close geographically and politically that many people around the world tend to classify them as the same nation. They are not. The U.S. and Canada are neighbors and have good trade relations with each other. They are allies and members of the United Nations but otherwise they are not connected in any way. There was a time when Canada, which was settled by France originally, was a U.S. rival in the expansion race for North America. Today, with all of the territory on the continent accounted for, the two countries are simply good neighbors.

International auto shipping from the United States to Canada began in the early 20th Century when the Ford Motor Company began sending automobiles over the border. By the beginning of World War I many of the Canadians who lived in the southern reaches of the country were driving Henry Ford's new invention and international auto shipping across Lake Michigan into Ontario became a common occurrence.

With the development of auto transport trucks a little later on, the assembly lines in Detroit began to produce more and more automobiles to send to their neighbors across the border. Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver became filled with the noises of running motors and honking horns. As these border cities acquired more automobiles they became more prosperous.

The development of the automobile changed the economic and social structure of both countries in the 1920's and 1930's. International auto shipping made Detroit the automotive giant that it is today and automobiles made a number of companies successful because of their range and durability. Transport companies had to rely on horses or trains previous to that era and those that made the switch first had a clear advantage on their competitors. Socially, the automobile gave people a new level of privacy and a means to reach out and visit areas that were never accessible before. International auto shipping companies eventually brought cars and trucks to every province of Canada and those who had been isolated in remote areas were able to travel to visit their neighbors. International auto shipping was the first industry to establish a global market and is still one of the most profitable today.

International auto shipping companies now use mainly land routes to ship into Canada but many of the automotive manufacturers still have factories in the Midwestern portion of the United States. The waters of the Great Lakes are crowded with transport ships and ferries carrying automobiles from Detroit and Ohio to the cities and towns of Ontario and New Brunswick. The highways going north and west supply Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. The cars and trucks that are brought over the border by international auto shipping companies travel back across it on a regular basis for business, pleasure and sometimes to be traded in for a newer model. With the establishment of the North American Free Trade Act in the late 20th Century it has become easier to do business over the border and many Canadians and Americans are taking advantage of it.
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