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Website Promotion Made Easy: Eradicate Your Website Killer Bugs

Aug 5, 2008
Firstly, regardless what you may have heard about website promotion, I want you to note: Gone are the days when any poor website or blog got lots of attention with just a bit of clever website promotion.

That is truly good news for you. How? Well, now those who do good or great work are rewarded and those who try to cheat the system (mostly) fall by the side. Let me show you the way.

There are probably a great many differences between a massively successful website in your niche and your website. But in the vast majority of cases, the difference is 'not' some huge disparity in one area.

For example, you may find that your competitor has the upper hand in aesthetic design. But the difference will often be subtle rather than vast. So here are just 7 quick things you can check and improve on, in no particular order:

1- Have your site optimized for both the search engines and your visitors. You need attention from both.

2- Narrow the focus of your site for one type of visitor and clearly cater for that profile. Website promotion and provision of a product or service all become much easier for a clearly defined target group.

3- Set your "title" tags properly and adjust them for every page on your website individually. That is what the search engines look at. It is practically used to determine the context of your site.

4- Place a clearly readable user menu on every page of your website. Avoid the fancy type of menus. Stay consistent with the placement of the menu and I suggest you place it on the left of your page. Yes, it can be boring but familiarity creates 'customers'.

5- Break down your site menu into groups with color coded group names. This not only draws attention but also makes it easy for your visitors to quickly identify what they're looking for. In short make it easy for them to find and buy your product or service.

6- Build links between your pages internally to your website. Build links from the outside world into your website and not just to the home page. Articles like this do a great job of building incoming links among other benefits.

7- Research and build a list of all the other factors for your website and your promotion efforts. Tackle one item at a time.

I guarantee you, collectively, they make huge difference over time, even if at first it doesn't seem so. Bear in mind that "collection" (and not one big thing) is exactly what has given an edge to the leaders in your niche over your website.

The above is not an exhaustive list of everything you should consider. There are many other simple little things you can and should do. Depending on your current website or blog, the other actions may well be more or less important than the items on this list.

Keep researching and adding to your list. In this way you will catch up with your greatest competitors, surpass them and build a huge gap that makes it difficult for them to bridge.

My professional Internet experience of more than 15 years, has shown me there are no complex problems in your way. There are just lots of tiny simple steps ahead.
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